Day with the deceptidogs

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Your pov
I stand in front of the Deceptidogs section of the shelter. There's no running away I have no choice.
This is going to be possible the second mos dangerous situation of my life. Great (note sarcasm). "Now kid they won't hurt you and if you need any help just shout- I mean bark." I look Fowler in the eyes. He had said the last part with a grin but I can sense the concern in his voice. I wrapped my tail around his leg in a reassuring manner.

"No worries. I got teeth now and I'm no afraid to use em." My voice sounds a lot more brave than I feel. He chuckles and scratches my fluffy ears. Taking a deep breath I make my way through the huge rusty iron gates separating the Deceptidogs and Autodogs. I saw a area with a huge tree in the middle, oak I think and a gras surrounding it. To the right there's a small building.

There are lots of purple and black colored dogs with silver highlights and red eyes. Looking more closely at them I notice that they all look exactly the same!


Looking around a bit more and moving a little bit further in I feel a strange feeling come over me. A "someone's watching me" feeling.
A cold shiver runs down my spine.

Megatrons pov
"GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! IF I SO MUCH AS SEE YOU AROUND Y/N I WILL KILL All OF YOU!!" About ten Drones (don't know what they're called) and Starscream. Run out of the room with their tails between their legs.

Today has not gone well so far. Not only do I wake up to Starscream yelling and the top of his voice but I find out he's plotting to hurt y/n. MY y/n! The piece of scrap got a fair punishment for his stupidity. Erg why the day she is coming they act like this... imbusils. Walking outside I catch a very familiar sent.


A huge smirk appears on my face. Already here..... how wonderful. Slowly walking towards her sent I finally find her. She is standing at the gate with a very curios expression. Turning my gaze towards where hers was I see the drones. Why would she be curious about them they're pathetic, weak and idiotic.

Walking over to her I can feel my spark longing for hers to touch it. Soon, soon.
I stop just beside her. She doesn't even notice me due to her attention being focused on the drones. Well she if she won't snap out of her trance then I'll help her. Leaning down so that I'm near her ear I do the very thing most would think as a act of battle but in this case it's affection. I lean even closer and nip her lovely black fluffy ears with those amazing f/c highlights.

"Aahhh!!" She screams, jumping into the air. She falls with a thud onto her back. She is so easy to scare, maybe I should stop for a while, after all she won't open up to me if she fears me. I stand on top of her and stare into her sparkling eyes. Shock and confusion replaces the curiosity from a few moments ago.  I lean down a little so our faces are barely apart. Her cheeks suddenly turn a rose red. Blushing always a good sign with femmes.

"We meet again pet~" her cheeks turning even more red if possible as the words exit my mouth. "M-Megatron ah hi" her voice is filled with nervousness and flustered. An awkward silence fills the atmosphere around the two of us.  "Can... can you please get off of me." I smirk, well since she is here I may as well tease her a little bit.

"Very well pet. But~ You must come with me to my berth room if I do~" "W-what?!" Her expression is priceless. Fear,shock and pure cuteness all combined into one.

"Excuse me, lord Megatron may I have a word with you?" I snap my head around to see that stupid medic. Y/n takes this opportunity to escape me and run away. I had her, i fragging had her and now this red mutt has ruined one of my most perfect plans. Turning around I lunge at the mech only for him to dodge and start running. "You will pay for this Knockout!" I shout as I run after the glitch.

Time skip of about 3 hours 57 minutes

Your pov
After that encounter with Megatron I ran as fast as I could to get away from him. I was so scared but also really embarrassed. HE WAS SO CLOSE. Like to close.
After 6 minutes of running I bumped into Breakdown. At first he growled but when he saw it was me he immediately stopped. He had apologized and I gladly accepted it. Then he noticed how flustered I was. Her burst out laughing and wouldn't stop for at least 3 minutes. After that I explained what happened and he just burst out laughing again.  Another 4 minutes of laughter and he finally stopped.

After that we just talked about all kinds of stuff.
"So your telling me that Bulkheads human poured a bucket of pink paint on that blue femme... that's the third funniest thing from you today!"
"You think that's funny, well bud then you will be dying of laughter when I tell you that she threw a bucket of water. With ice in it. On top of me when I fell to sleep. " he burst out laughing again.

Currently we are comparing funny stories and I was winning by far. "I think I'm going to win~" he sat up and smirks, his one yellow eye glowing dangerously. "Well sweety I got one that will win for sure." I raised my eyebrow "Bring it" "Ever see Knockout stuck in a tire~" I couldn't help it I burst out laughing "Okay you win you win."

"Hey y/n I see you having a nice time." Fowler picked me up and gave me a huge hug. "Yup just trying to make Breakdown here a laughing mess." "And succeeding" he added cheekily
"Well kid it's time to go home."

Breakdowns pov
As y/n left Knockout sat beside me. "Where have you been? I thought you wanted to meet y/n?" He looked at me and showed his front left leg. On it was a huge bite mark Megatrons bite mark. "Tell me everything." This will be interesting. Megatron doesn't usually bite unless it's something big "I interrupted Megatron flirting with y/n and she escaped. He blamed me and has been chasing me for the whole day."

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