Long Time No See

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-Long Time No See-

****Yuzu's point of view****

I sniffled. I can't believe daddy's gone. I've been in my room for the past couple days, too depressed to leave mine and Karin's room. I don't know where she's been in the last few days actually, she's come in and out of the room giving me food three times a day.

Then she would vanish.

I'd call for her sometimes, to see if she was home. But no one would answer me so I'd just sulk back into my room.

I wasn't used to being so down. It was terribly lonely to be by myself. I was starved of physical contact from another human being, I wanted Karin. She would always help me feel better, she was so much stronger than me mentally and physically.

I could always count on her on those rare occasions I was sad, to cheer me up. She was a bit of a tough lover(not in that way!! I know what your thinking!!) but she could be really sweet and caring when she wanted or needed to be.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the front door. I looked out of my window, so I could see who the stranger was. If it was Karin, she would just walk right in. She would never knock, she had a key if the door was locked and everything.

What I saw surprised me, the hair on top of the strangers head was bright orange. And for some reason, the hair was familiar to me. Though I know I didn't know anyone with such vibrantly colored hair.

I cocked my head to side, confused. How did I know this man? And why was he here? Was he a social worker, I wonder? I slowly made my way down stairs, cautious of making noise. The man knocked again.

"I-I'm coming! Wait a second!" I looked around from where I stand.

Everything seems clean and tidy. Could Karin have cleaned the house the past few days? She hated doing chores.

I guess she did them for me because I've been so depressed and she wanted to help me out.
I approached the door and looked out the peep hole.

The stranger looked around 16 or 17 years, had, of course, orange hair and brown eyes that looked a lot like dad's. In fact, he had a lot of dad's physical characteristics.

His strong jawline, the look of his face. He even had a small stubble of orange hair growing on his jaw.
And I've seen old pictures of dad when he was younger, and this boy seemed to bare a strange resemblance.

Could it be that dad had a kid with someone besides mom? But then again, he also had moms deep chocolate eyes. This confused me greatly as I was deciding whether or not to answer the door.
I slowly unlocked the door but opened it just a slightly ajar.

"Um, yes? Can I help you with something?" I asked meekly. I've always been shy. He just stared at me, his eyes shining, like he was about to cry.

"If your here for the clinic, well......... the doctor is-...... not here...... he will never be in... again..." I looked down.
Hot tears dripped down my face and landed on the concrete by my feet. The man knelt beside me and lifted my face to look at his.

And to my surprise, he was also crying. I stared into his chocolate gaze, waiting.
"I know..." He whispered.
Suddenly, I knew who he was. I jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly.

We both sobbed in each others shoulders. He kept telling me it would be alright, but his voice would always break and crack, he would hug me even tighter.
I sobbed and sobbed, "I-Ichigo..."

****Karin's point of view****

I kicked a stone and continued to wander down the empty street. I was mulling over things in my mind, Yuzu has been so depressed since she found out the bad news. She rarely came out of our room, the only time she did was to go to the bathroom and shower. Some days she didn't come out at all.
I've been cleaning the house so she wouldn't have to worry about it, and I brought her something to eat everyday so she wouldn't starve herself. I was really starting to worry about her. She can't stay like that forever, I wouldn't let her.

Sure I was sad, dad was dead. I shed my tears long ago though. But I had some idea of how he kicked the bucket. He was a shinigami, I saw him every so often in a black robe, running through the skies with a sword fighting off these monsters that no one else seemed to see but me. But I've noticed this boy a few grades above me that when I hear a roar, he'd take off running in that direction.
I was suspicious of him, he seemed to be like me somehow. But I haven't seen him in the last few weeks, along with this big Mexican looking boy that was also in his grade.

I've confronted my father before about these things, he told me I was day dreaming or do something silly to avoid the subject. I never told Yuzu about this, she would just stress dad out with questions pertaining to the monsters and feelings she would feel. Although she couldn't see what I saw, she could sense them pretty well. Her own power was growing as was mine, she'd probably be able to see shadows of them soon, then able to see them as themselves.

They would scare her most likely at first, but she would get used to them as I have.
I made my way to the clinic. I was surprised that social workers haven't come to our house yet, since we were orphans now. I wonder when they'll come around. I refuse for them to split us up. We will stay together even if kills me.
I came upon the clinic and took out my keys and was about to stick them in the turner when the door swung open, revealing a smiling Yuzu.

This surprised me, she was all sad and lonesome when I left, now she was happy and smiling? I wonder what happened.

"KARIN YOUR FINALLY HOME!" She wrapped me in a big hug and buried her face in my shoulder.
When she pulled away she was smiling brightly and pulled me in. I couldn't even react as fast she was going. I didn't even take off my shoes when we entered the house. She was wearing her apron, and I could smell something cooking on the stove. What on earth was going on?

She stop abruptly in front of stairs and turned to face me, her face bright and smiling. I was glad she was getting better, but what happened while I was gone?

"Oh my goodness Karin, something amazing happened!" She grabbed my shoulders, shaking them slightly for emphasis.

"What happened?" I asked, curious.

She giggled, "I can't explain. But I can show you." She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the kitchen.

What I saw shocked me.
There was a tall man, sitting at the table, back turn towards me. My heart beat quickened. Who was that boy?! AND WHY DID YUZU LET HIM IN THE HOUSE MORE IMPORTANTLY?!

I snapped my head to Yuzu, "Who the hell is that Yuzu?!" I whispered harshly.

Her smile fell slightly, "D-Don't you recognize him?"
"No I do not!" I stomp into the kitchen and stop a few yards away from him.
"Who the hell are you!?" I hiss at him.

He turned his head, and what I saw made my heart beat slow down. He looked like a younger dad. But he had orange hair on his head and in his stubble. But, strangely, he had moms chocolate brown gaze. I felt like I should know him, a tugging in my chest wanted me to hug him. My body recognized this boy, but my mind felt at a loss. But slowly, the gears in my head started to turn.

"Ichigo? Is that you?" A whispered out, unsure. He stood, eyes watery.

"Karin.... You've grown up so much." His deep voice reverberated in my chest.

I ran to him and hugged him tightly he hugged back, I cried in his shoulder and told him how much I missed him.

We were not the only ones left now.


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