Chapter Sixteen: Protective Brother

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"Yes, you heard me correctly. I'm (y/n)'s brother." he winked, giving up on his serious stamina as he gave me a small smile. He held out a hand for me to shake as I took it, making him chuckle. "Name's Simon, its very nice to meet you." I nod my head, giving him a pleased look on my face. He looked at the other men at the corner of his eye, his serious aura coming back in just a quick second.

"The hell you two are just sitting on? Quick, get the med kit and bloody heal him or whatever," he glared at them. The two men shivered as they nod, searching for the med kit. "Useless wonder why mother and father had no choice but to make me do this job." I overheard Sebastian whisper to himself as he rolled his eyes.

"You must be ma'am Elizabeth and sir Louis's son then, I suppose." I chuckle slightly, trying to make some small talk as the two men began to treat my wounds. The limo was seemingly larger than other limo's too may I add. Sebastian's aura became bright once more as he nod his head, "Yeah, but mother and father are too stupid to not know what I already know." Sebastian laughed, making me raise brow. "And may I ask what it is?" I hesitated asking.

"They don't even know that I already know that (y/n) is my sister. And according to my calculations, you must have a huge crush on my elderly dear sister," Sebastian laughed as he crossed his legs. His bright aura began to glim as he looked straight at me, right into my very soul. I can't lie, he made me fear. But not much to the point I wanted to ran away.

"Can't lie, she is quite a beauty. But if you ever even hurt her like that husband of hers today, I swear you won't be alive tomorrow." Sebastian said, aiming a gun at me. "You two haven't even met yet." I said, narrowing my gaze.

"I know. But she is still my sister, and I do my research. I technically know everything, to the point of what food she likes which is (f/f)," Sebastian laughed, putting away the gun. "I gave my warnings, I'm done." Sebastian chuckle, his bright aura coming back once more. "You said your a hacker, right?" I asked. He looked up at me, giving me a nod for an answer.

"I suppose you want to know the location then," Sebastian crossed his arms as he left himself lean on the comfy chair and let himself sink in and close his eyes. He did not respond for a few minutes, giving me lost hopes. I sigh and was about to turn my attention somewhere when he opened his left eye, he smirked right at me and opened his mouth.

"It would be useless to give you the address though." he yawned. That's all he had to say? he clearly made me pissed off from the amount of patience and hope I had given but I only smiled. "And why would that be?" I asked.

"Because we're already going there." He yawned once more. My eyes went wide open as my phone began to chime. I slid my hand to my pocket and answered the call, "Hey Simon!" I heard Dean's cheery voice from the other side, "What is it?" I asked. "Just wanna let you know that we know the address, isn't that wonderful?" Dean laughed, making me sigh.

"I-I know..." I gave out a little laugh. "Anyway, you must've met Sebastian. Please do take care of him, he's a pretty stubborn kid." I heard Dean sigh through the phone. He knows Sebastian? "I'm not here to babysit, Dean." I rolled my eyes, "Well congratulations, you are now! Consider this as a practice for your future kids with (y/n), you'll never know!" Dean laughed.

"Hey-!" before I could even argue, Dean dropped the call. I heard Sebastian laughing as I looked at him with his smirk on his face. "Don't worry, I totally did not hear anything." he said sarcastically. "Hey, kid. How old are you?" I asked. He looked at me, he looked rather pissed off.

"I'm seventeen, and do not call me a kid!" he pouted. I smiled as I let out a small chuckle. "Okay, kid." I nod my head, making him growl. "Hey, didn't I just said- Oh never mind." he glared at me as he close his eyes and slept.

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