Ch 9

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My older brothers favourite saying was the truth will set you free

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My older brothers favourite saying was the truth will set you free. Of course my response was always what is free? Is freedom the same to us all or do we each have our own version? There is freedom in death and there is freedom in life, but who are we decide which one is greater. Who are we to decide what freedom we deserve.
"So you wanted to kill me?" Tommy's voice was soft as he ran the sponge over my skin.

"Yes," I shook my head enjoying his amusement at the whole idea. "I don't appreciate you finding this so funny Thomas."

"You should." He chuckled kissing my shoulder. "You tried to seduce me so you could make me weak and you could get your revenge and instead I seduced you and made you fall in love." I stepped out of the bath, letting him wrap me in a towel and pull me against him. "You and I are more alike than I realized. Maybe I'm being foolish still trusting you, but how can I hate you when I would have done the same?" I slowly began to undo the buttons on his short sliding the thin fabric off his shoulders to reveal the few tattoos decorating his body. I couldn't stop myself from slowly tracing the ink and then the muscles enjoying every inch of his body. I had wanted this for so long. Wanted to feel his skin against mine. Wanted to know what it felt like to be in his arms. "Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure of anything."

"So what now?" I mumbled cuddling closer to Tommy. Our skin was coated in a thin glow and our breathing was slowly regulating as we silently stared at each other for the last fifteen minutes. I had never felt like I was floating on clouds after sex until this moment. It was almost as if I had been renewed.

"We trick your husband into thinking you're still going along with the plan and then we pull the rug from under him," Thomas replied as he brushed my hair out of my face a few strands stayed stuck to my face making both of us laughed as he pulled me into another kiss. "And then we get you out of your marriage."

"So you know who I'm married to then?" I pulled away from him fear rippling through my body.

"There's very few men in Camden town brave enough to try and pull something like this off. Tell me Mrs Solomon's are you ready to get revenge on the man who made you feel like you weren't enough?"


Monday morning came to quickly. I hadn't wanted to return to my flat. To the chaos waiting for me behind the wooden door but here I was looking at my own destruction. My own anger that I somehow never learned how to control. Was this my fault. Me becoming this damaged shell of a person? Or was it Alfies? The way he made me feel so worthless when he was the person who should be making me feel loved unconditionally.

"Should we be expecting you at family meetings?" John questioned when I walked passed him. The younger Shelby quickly followed me to my desk a mischievous grin dancing on his face. "I don't think I would mind much if you were involved. You seem quite good for him. He doesn't yell quite as much..."the smirk grew. "But he seemed to have you screaming...he piss you off love?"

"Jon!" I slapped the man's arm feeling my face flush a beat red. "Keep your voice down I don't want to be the source of the workplace gossip." I was trying not to smile as I scolded Jon. Clearly we were both amused at the teasing. It wasn't spiteful in anyway so how could I be angry.

"Ms Berke I have a very important meeting. I need you to run to the Garrison and fetch a good bottle of whisky," Tommy's voice was lacking any emotion as he peered at me over his glasses. "Well what are you waiting for he should be here at any moment!" Tommy pointed to the door making both Jon and I stifle a laugh until a dark feeling washed over me. Who was the meeting with. It couldn't be Alfie not this fast. Unless somehow Thomas knew and was just waiting for me to be honest with him. Then again Thomas Shelby knew how to work fast and it had been a few days. I needed to stop overthinking and do what was asked of me. No point of worrying until I knew there was something to worry about.

The betting shop was eerily quiet when I returned. It almost felt like a ghost town as I made my way towards Tommy's office. With a small knock I waiting to be called in my heart rate instantly skyrotting when I came face to face with my husband.
"I have the whisky you asked for Mr. Shelby where would you like it?" My voice somehow stayed steady as I tried to avoid Alfies looming gaze.

"Whose this little minx?" Alfie questioned Tommy punching at my ass. "She one of your whores? I've always found it entertaining that you keep them so close you." His voice was dark as he eyed me down. Was this how he treated his mistresses? Like prey he was going to devour? It made my skin crawl as I looked at Tommy for a way out.

"Zelda you can do back to your desk," he instructed. "Mr Solomon's I advise you don't talk to my staff like that or we won't be seeing eye to eye very long."

"I think this one likes it Tom. I can tell these things. Just look at those eyes of hers so full of mystery...if you aren't taking her to bed I might have to." I closed the door behind me and sunk into my desk. One of us wasn't making it out of this alive...or maybe none of us would.

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