Chapter Fifteen: Mad Betrayal

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Simon's POV

"Who are you?" I asked, looking at her eyes that looked oddly familiar. She smirked, "My name is Franziska" she cut herself off and held a gun at me. Her smirk only grew wider, "You must not know me any longer, Simon. Isn't that a pity?" she laughed. Her voice was music to my ears once, but now it felt like a nightmare. The voice that I had long desired before was no longer what I needed, not after all the things that had changed. I completely moved on from her.

"Answer my question, girl. Who are you and what do you want from me?" I yelled the question this time. "I am no girl to be called. Where's that sweet-loving man that I once got? Did you not called me your own love? Darling? your own wretched soulmate?" she pouted as if she was hurt.

She stepped closer to me, making me retreat back. "Don't you love me Simon?" she frowned, "I'm asking a question and I'm expecting for an answer." I responded, clearly meaning for business. Her frown disappeared and into that smirk that she gained once again.

"What I want from you? Hmmm...let's see.." she began to tap her heel on the marble stone, her gun twirling around her one hand skillfully. She stopped and pointed the gun once again at me as she looked into my eyes, right into my very soul. She began to scowl, the smirk disappearing from her face. "I want you dead." she said, clear as the day as she pulled the trigger of the gun.

I jumped at the side as the ammo broke the window that I was just behind me a second ago. "Enough games, I had enough of you already!" she screamed at me. "I don't even know you!" I yelled back, rolling my eyes.

She bit her bottom lip, growling at me. She slid her arm to her pocket dress and took out a picture of her, Evelyn. "You see her?" Franziska ask, her eyes teary. "That's me, that's me! I am Evelyn. You destroyed everything. My face, my life and my whole entire existent because you didn't die. I never loved you, it was all just a way to make you closer to me. I just wanted you dead!" Franziska crumpled the photograph of herself.

I felt my heart beating fast, aching in pain. "But of what cost, Evelyn?" I asked, frowning. She gritted her teeth when I said her real name. "A fortune. If you died, I would become a billionaire and I would have Leo. It was a dream come true, a dream that I long desired. But no, he chose (y/n) over me! I am someone that is within his standards, not (y/n)! Maybe if I killed you today, he would fall for me and not for that girl!" Evelyn fired the gun again.

I bit my lip in pain, I got hit in the shoulder. "That's not how it works, Evelyn! He's using you!" I took a step close to her, wanting to tell her everything that is a lie. Evelyn glared at me, "I love him, not you and I will never love you." Evelyn spit.

"I don't love you either. You used me." I scowled at her. I ran towards her, avoiding and dodging every shot she took. When she was about to pull the trigger once again, no ammo shot out. Her eyes went wide open as she took a step back, she threw the gun away and began to run.

I caught her wrist and pulled her towards me. She turned around and punched my chest, making me fall back down. She took something behind her as I saw a switchblade. I got up and ran forward, the knife slicing through my waistcoat but not deep enough to actually cut my skin.

I kicked her knees as she fell on the floor. She let go of the switchblade as I snatch it from her hands. She showed no emotions of softness, she did not show any signs of surrendering. I got down on my knees and sigh, giving out a hand for her.

Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled my hair and punched me right into my face pretty hard. She took her switchblade from me and unwrapped her legs around my waist. She kicked me right in the stomach, sending me flying through the air and to the floor.

I saw the gun beside me. I reached for my pocket and reloaded the gun with ammo. I got up and pointed it at Evelyn. She was already running, her heels echoing through the abandoned house. I was ready to pull the trigger but instead of doing it, I just sigh and stared as she escaped. I threw the gun down on the floor and sat down, panting.

After a minute of staring off into air, the door burst open as I was of what seem like bodyguards but with a mask on. I took the gun that was just beside me and pointed it at them. "Sir, Dean and Abigail Ainsley has sent us." the middle man said, his voice sounded young, around the age of eighteen perhaps. I lowered down my gun and sigh in relief.

"How'd you find me?" I asked, raising a brow. "You have a little chip on your phone that serves as a tracker just in case you were in any trouble, sir." the middle man explained. I nod my head and saw a car parked behind them.

I sat inside and the middle man took off his mask, revealing a young man with a serious face on as he put on his glasses. "My name is Sebastian, (y/n)'s brother. A professional hacker and assassin." He smirked. "Brother?"

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