052; real life

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Jawn is clearly shocked when he arrives and sees the dumpsters outside, considerably full for the amount of time Awsten has been here working on his own.

Awsten is half asleep on the porch, a bit dazed and beyond tired.  His eyes are barely open and he doesn't even notice Jawn at first.

"Oh, hey," he mumbles, rubbing his eyes a bit to try to wake himself up a little, "thanks for coming."

"No problem," Jawn replies, frowning briefly before covering that up, "how long have you been out here?"

"I don't know, since like, a little before six this morning," Awsten replies with a shrug, averting his eyes to avoid the look of shock that Jawn tries to hide.

"Have you eaten at all today?" Jawn questions after a brief moment of hesitation.

"No," he admits awkwardly, "didn't wanna dig through the cabinets and risk waking someone up that early."

"If you're coming back tomorrow, I wanna come with you in the morning. I can pick you up early and bring some food," Jawn offers, not missing the way Awsten doesn't even stop to consider it.

"That's okay," Awsten dismisses, shaking his head, "Gonna be here real' early, not gonna ask you to get up and work that early."

"You're not asking," Jawn corrects, "I'm offering. Big difference."

"Still. If...maybe in the afternoon if you're not busy...you could...could you, uh...just not the morning, okay? It's weird. Wanna have some time alone to adjust, y'know? But if you're still good to come in the afternoon, and maybe bring some lunch, I'd appreciate that a lot...I mean, you don't have to but—"

"Tomorrow at noon. I'll be here. With lunch."


Jawn spends the remainder of the day helping Awsten, getting the couches, fridge, and washer and dryer outside.  Jawn doesn't question Awsten's decision to have it all recycled or thrown away instead of donating or even selling it.  He figures there's reasons behind it and that, if Awsten wanted to share those reasons, he would've.

When night rolls around, Awsten suggests they call it done for the day. He probably would've stayed longer if he was in his own here but he knows if he stays, Jawn will insist on staying with him, so leaving seems to be the only option. The pair go their separate ways, Awsten heading back to his parents house and Jawn going home.

Awsten arrives to his dad making dinner with Skye while Jade talks with Gracie, and his mom's car gone which lets him know she probably went off to the store for something. The twins both perk up when Awsten comes inside, abandoning what they'd been doing to run over and hug him.

"Daddy! Grandpa is teaching me how to cook," Skye announces excitedly, grabbing Awsten's hand and pulling him to the kitchen. "It smells yummy! I think I'm gonna be a chef instead or an artist. Or maybe an artist who just makes pictures of all the food I make!"

"Very solid career path," Awsten praises with a little smile, "and very yummy smelling food! Grandpa's teaching you well, huh?"

"Uh-huh," Skye confirms with a grin, "grandpa, tell daddy what you told me!"

"Oh god," Awsten mumbles, knowing it probably will be something embarrassing to him.

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