Chapter 11: Let's Talk

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"Why are you here?" Brain still not fully functioning.

"The disrespect," Chan feigns a hurt expression, placing a hand over his heart.

They were now located in the living room. This way it was more private, and Felix would be able to pass out safely. That is, if he fell back asleep.

"Lix, you don't understand. I've come to confess my dying love for you." Chan jokes dramatically.

"Chan, I can't. You know I'm in love with another." Felix responds, clutching Chan's hands.

Suddenly Chan's head perks up and he lets go of Felix's hands. His eyes trail the room until he spots something on the stairs.

"Binnie, what are you doing up?" Felix asks, also noticing the figure.

"You didn't come back upstairs yet," Changbin, pouts. Immediately taking the chance (Heh CHANce) to flop onto Felix's lap.

"Changbin! I was looking for you!" Chan calls, reaching over and hugging him.

"What for? You rudely interrupted our nap." Changbin states gruffly, pointing his nose at him and Felix.

"The disrespect I'm getting today," Chan places a hand on his heart, "Well I'll have you know I came here to remind you of the 3Racha project we're doing."

Chan hopes, despite Changbin's out of it state, he'll remember the situation they're in. Noticing the way Changbin moved closer to Felix, however, was a little concerning.

Seeing Changbin's face extremely close to Felix's neck, Chan tenses. Holding back the urge to rip Changbin out of Felix's hold and growl at him, Chan punctuates, "Remember?"

"Oh, that project." Changbin mutters, remaining close to Felix, entranced by his scent.

"Huh?" Felix mutters, a confused pout on his lips. Oh how Changbin wanted to kiss him softly, until that pout was gone.

"Well, I wanted to ask if 3Racha could take over your apartment for a while?" Chan quickly explains, easily proving he's a rapper.

"Slow down." Felix tilts his head, confused. Unknowingly making it harder for Changbin to NOT kiss him.

'Don't do it Changbin, don't do it.' He leans in and attaches his lips to Felix's. 'Dangit, you had one job!'

"Mmph-?" Came Felix's muffled response.

Chan's mind blanks, overprotective urges immediately taking over. He quickly shoves Felix away from Changbin. Yanking Changbin into his grasp, he holds back the urge to growl and snarl at Felix. Instead, a soft rumble comes from his chest, and he releases angry 'back off' pheromones, despite Felix's inability to smell it.

"I love you guys, but don't suck face in front of me, okay?" Chan almost spits out, staring Felix down.

Changbin now relaxes into Chan. Silently playing with a loose sweatshirt string, he sighs and sniffs Chan, basically pulling his sweatshirt off, using his nose.

"Cold, Bin?" Chan says, knowing the real reason Changbin wants his hoodie.

Throwing it on, Changbin hums contentedly.

Unbothered by their actions and still confused, Felix speaks up, "What's this about a 3Racha project?"

"Well, our studio is having maintenance, and since you have the biggest apartment and best sound, we were thinking of working on our music here?" Chan easily lies.

"Of course-"

"But, um, we don't want anyone to hear our songs."

"Okay?" Felix becomes skeptical. (Felix will remember this.)

"So, do you mind moving back to Woojin's while we work on our songs?" Chan explains.

"Of course, mate, why wouldn't I?" Felix laughs, patting Chan on the back.

"Really?" Chan asks in disbelief. "You'd do that?"

"Sure!" Felix continues, "However, I would like to visit on occasion."

"If we're not busy, sure!" Chan exclaims, glad Felix was so flexible. (Felixible.)

The talk went well.

'Chan' keeps getting autocorrected to 'Changbin'. Help.

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