Chapter 10: Ddaeng Ddaeng

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Blinking groggily, Felix looked around the room. Pillows and blankets strewn across the floor, discarded after felt unneeded. Stuffed animals surrounding the pile of pillows. Looking down he saw Changbin curled up around his chest. Groaning, he heard the noise that must have woke him up, a small tinkle coming from downstairs.

Removing Changbin's limbs from surrounding him, he threw he feet off the bed. Obviously feeling this change, Changbin whined and reattached himself to Felix. Sighing, he nuzzled his face into Felix's lap. Tempted to stay, Felix wraps his arms around Changbin, before the persisting tinkling noise came again.

Groaning and stretching, Felix gets attempts to get up. Changbin, however, wasn't having it, refusing to let Felix out of his grasp.

"Sorry, baby, but I 'ave to get the," letting out a big yawn, Felix stretches out his arms, "door."

"Later." Changbin's muffled voice squeaks out.

"I'll be back really quickly, bet 's just a package, or somethin'." Felix stumbles over his words as the noise becomes more persistent.

Changbin unwillingly complies, loosening his hold on Felix. Finally getting up, Felix's back cracks and he shuffles out of the bedroom into the hallway.

After almost falling down the stairs five times, Felix finally reached the door.

"Hello?" He didn't even bother to see who was at the door.

"Felix?" A voice he recognized called. "It's like two in the afternoon, did you just get up?"

Eventually recognizing the face, Felix says to Chan, "I have no clue what you just said."

"That answers my question," Chan smacks his forehead.

"Huh?" Felix rubs his eyes, feeling more awake.

Chan just shakes his head, and motions for them to sit in the living room. (I know, big for an apartment.)

This story is definitely going a different way than I originally planned. I'll probably be editing it a lot.

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