Chapter 1: Afro States the Obvious

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P.O.F. Aphrodite
The Gods were fading. The demigods still believed in them, the mortals remembered them, but they were fading nonetheless. They looked like 75 to 85 year-old versions of their normal selves. All but Aphrodite. She was young and beautiful, but she had started fading too, much later then all the other gods. It was the Winter Solstice, and they needed a plan, and soon. Aphrodite stood.
"I have a plan, discussing... Um... Our very urgent matter, let's call it."
The other gods murmured. (A/N I love that word muuuur-muuuur... XD) A way to stop the fading?! But as this was coming from the goddess of love, an easily distracted, not very sensible goddess, instead of someone like, say, Athena, so they were a bit (read: VERY) skeptical of this "plan".
This view was voiced by Athena.
"Explain this plan, THEN the council will agree on it, though I suppose you will do it anyway."
Aphrodite knew that they saw her as flighty and unintelligent, but they were wrong. She knew all their love secrets, not because she read their mind, but that she picked up on. She knew that Hades was a softie and loved his kids, his wife, and his mother-in-law, but acted indifferent, as he was the scary god of the Underworld, that Hera hated Annabeth because she knew Zeus would never love her in the same way that Percy loved Annabeth, that Hermes always claimed his kids the fastest and had a group IM with all of his kids, as he didn't want a repeat of Luke, and a lot more. She sighed. "I propose that we take a group of the strongest demigods..." She explained her plan in great detail, convincing even Athena on her idea.
Twelve hands rose into the air, silently.
Zeus looked around.
"Then it is settled."
A flash of light, and the throne room was empty, the only light radiating from the hearth.
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To be Continued...
What Happened to the Gods? (A Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus fanfic)
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