(3) The Girl Who Waited

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'Telepathic Communication'

"When I first came here," Amy was telling Rory as they currently stood in the gardens, "I had to trick the Interface into giving me the information, but I've reprogrammed it now. It'll tell me anything except how to escape."

"You hacked it?" Rory sounded rather impressed, so was I, "That's genius!"

"Sorry to interrupt that beautiful moment," Theta now interrupted, as I returned him a nod from my side of the console, letting him know I was ready to help connect up the interface, "But temporal engines like that have a regulator valve. Has to be kept at a distance from the main reactor or there'd be feedback. Interface, where's the regulator?"

"The regulator valve is held within," the interface replied as the hologram showed on the monitor, as I typed away and pulled a few levers to download the information we needed.

"Oh. Very, very ah."

"Interface," I called, "I need to run through some technical specifications. Rory, give the glasses to Amy for a tick?"

"Here you go," there's a bit of struggle as Amy wouldn't let Rory put them on, so he let her put them on herself. And we could now see Rory.

"They look ridiculous."

"That's what what me and Rena told him. Still, anything beats a fez, eh?" we heard Rory crack a joke both he and Amy now laughing before she suddenly stopped, "What is it?"

"I think that's the first time I've laughed in 36 years."

I heard Rory say, "I'll just, er, leave you two geniuses alone. I'll be back in a minute."

"Amy there's still a chance we can save you," I come over to the monitor, "There's still time."

"Time is still in flux," Theta agreed with me, "There's still time to fix everything."

Amy now looked down, as if considering our words...before there was a beep coming from her wrist. We see her whip it up, showing the time of 2:30 and run off shouting for Rory...for us to see him on the floor, Handbot hoovering over him, head open and a dart aimed at him. There's a swing of Amy's sword, severing the robot's head.

"Oh..." Amy crouches down next to Rory.


"Glasses," he gestured to the them.

Amy got up turning away so we couldn't see Rory, "You stupid."

"Oh! You saved me."

"Don't get used to it."

"Have you been crying? A little bit."

"Shut up, Rory."

"You have, haven't you?"

"Woman with a sword," she points the sword at him, "Don't push it."

"I would say this is a sweet and loving moment," I interrupt, "But we really need to get a move on to focus on to rescuing Amy."

"Right," Theta agreed with a chuckle, "So, here's the plan. Time is always a bit wibbly-wobbly, but in Twostreams it's extra wobbly," we see Amy put the glasses back onto Rory, allowing us to see her again.

"We have gathered enough information to help us hijack the temporal engines," I carry on from Theta, "And fold the two points in Amy's timeline together, it will save her Rory."

"The what?" Rory asked in confusion.

"We're bringing her out of the then and into the now!" Theta cheered joyously, "Amy, we just need to borrow your brain a minute. It won't hurt, probably. Almost probably...and then Amy Pond, we're going to save you."

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