Chapter 3

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Alivia open the door and her room and goes inside and shut the door. Her parents are obviously hiding something and that guy Alex is also part of it, he just suddenly showed up out of nowhere and her parents started behaving strangely but it's not like they are the only one hiding secrets, she also has hers. She bends down and put out a box from under her bed, she opens the box and puts out a book.

She sits back in the bed and place the book on her thighs

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She sits back in the bed and place the book on her thighs. She tried so hard to open it but it won't open and she wonders why and they has made her believe that there is a secret behind this book and she really wants to open it to reveal it's secrets. This book has been with her since she was ten years old and no one knows about it, not even her parents or Emily, she doesn't why she pick the book but she feel draw to it and she wonders why. Alivia sigh, she will be  turning eighteen in three days and something tells her that something bad is going to happen on that day.
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"I can't believe Alivia is turning eighteen in three days" Rose choked out.

"How will the prophecy happen when she doesn't even have the book" Gray said.

" She won't tell us if she has it or not" Rose relied.

Gray shakes his head " We have searched her room so many times and couldn't find the stupid book"

Alex sighs " you know the seers don't lie, the prophecy will happen just the way they saw it. Good or bad, the decision is hers make"

" I am going to miss my little girls" Rose choked up in tears and Gray went and comfort her by putting her into a hug.

Alivia and Emily sits with their parents with Alex at the dinning table and they eats their dinner in complete silence and there's an uncomfortable silence and Alivia does not like it one bit.

She clears her throat and gets everyone attention "What is going on"

"What do you mean honey" Rose asks pretending to be confused.

" Something is obviously going on and you don't want to tells us about it. Is someone going to die" When she said that, Rose and Gray's body tensed up and Alivia noticed, so did Emily.

"There is nothing like that honey. We are only planning a surprise on your birthday" Rose answers with nervousness in her voice.

" Shouldn't I be last to the surprise, don't tell me you are planning on surprising me too" Emily says a little uneasy. What is going on, she really wants to know.

"Come on girls, eat your dinner, it's getting cold" Gray's cuts in and the girls went back to their food but the tension in the air still remains.

The next day, Alivia and Emily decides to walk home from school, they wants to clear their heads especially Alivia who has been very restless lately, she remembers the last she felt restless, it stayed for two months till she found that book and now she is feeling it again.

"Alivia, what do you think they are hiding" Emily breaks the silent.

" I think it had to do with Alex. It all started when he showed up" Alivia answers.

" Yeah,I think there is something off about him. I saw his eyes change color yesterday, I thought I was seeing things but it happened again and again" Emily reveals.

" We need to find out what it is, we........" Her words are cut short when two men magically appears in front of them, Alivia and Emily looks at each other very confused, did they appear? The question run through their heads. It's a really quiet neighborhood, no one will see anything.

"Where is the book witch" one of the says directing it at Alivia who is taken back.

" What book" Emily asks dump found.

"Shut up little one. We are talking to you witch of a sister here" the other one says

"Hey, that's my sister you are referring to" Emily defends angrily, Emily might be nice and playful but you don't want to get on her bad side, the girl turns into a wield animal.
Alivia puts Emily behind her "I don't know what book you are talking about. I am a student
and I have so many books"

" Don't play dump with us princess, either you tell us or we will force it out of you" they threat as they walk towards the girls who has no where to go.

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk, how sad" a voice interrupts and they all turn to who gets the voice to find Alex standing beside a wall looking so calmly. Both Alivia and Emily let's out a breath they didn't know they were holding, Alex is here to save them.

"And who the hell are you" the first one asks glaring at Alex who has a smirk playing on his face.

"I am Alex, nice to meet you" his voice turns cold "And tell this to your master. The princesses will be back for him, he better be prepared"

The men nods at each other before disappearing like the way they appeared, Alivia and Emily gasp at what they saw.

"Magic?" Emily asks unsure and Alivia slowly nods her head.

"I went to your school to pick you up but they told me you left minutes ago. What were you thinking?" He barks at them as he approach them.

" Alex! "Emily runs to him and wraps a hand around his arm. " Thank you for saving us. Only God knows what would have happened if you didn't show up. Thanks again" she smiles at him and he also smile down at her..

" Where did you come from" Alivia asks as she stare at him suspiciously..

"That is not important but you show be grateful that I was here or those men would have killed you" he tells them and Emily gasp while Alivia's eyes wide " you should thank me first before questioning me"

" Thank you" she says and he rolls his eyes.

" What ever" he answers and turn around.

" Wait" Alivia stops him " What were they talking about and why is this book important"

Alex sighs but did not turn to face her" you will know everything the day you turn eighteen which is two more days from now, so, wait! " He tells her and walks away with Emily beside him. Alivia stand silently for a while before chasing after them.
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