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Warning: Explicit Content
(I mean like I really didn't hold back here... but to all my fellow smut lovers... Finally, amirite?)


"Let's try something a little different here

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"Let's try something a little different here... so there's no confusion this time." Christian whispered against me.

His voice sounded different.

I wasn't sure how to describe it, but it made my knees go weak. I felt his warm tongue trail it's way down the side of my earlobe. It sent a jolts of shivers running through me as I left out a quiet moan.

"Alexander Hamilton," He whispered. His words were slightly muffled as he tugged at my ear lobe with his teeth. "May I fucking kiss you?"

I was well past the point of thinking at this point. I did my best to get the word yes out.

Christian pulled away from my ear. His vibrant blue eyes met my bland hazel ones, and I couldn't figure out whether he was going to say something or not. His hand reached back around to hold the side of my neck firmly in place. He answered my question almost immediately after, as his eye drifted closed again, and his lips collided with mine.

If it wasn't for the wall behind me, I would've toppled back. He pressed me flush against the surface as his soft lips moved against me. His other hand worked its way from my hair, down to neck... then my shoulders... before they landed against my chest. He tasted sweet like peppermint when his teeth took hold of my bottom lip and touched roughly.

I let out a strangled moan as I felt my cock growing increasingly harder. Christians hold tightened around my waist. His leg moved to reposition itself between my own. When it rubbed up against my crotch, I let out an even louder moan. It was muffled by his kisses.

Soon after, he pulled away just a tad, which allowed me to gasp for much needed oxygen. I hadn't even noticed I was holding my breath until then.

"These are far too many clothes." He growled. In one fluid motion, my top was untucked and pulled up over my head. I felt a a cold shiver run through me as he undid my pant buttons. I remembered him undressing me the night before, but now that I wasn't under the influence of alcohol, everything felt ten times more exhilarating. I felt his every touch. His every kiss.

His eyes were staring on intensely at my body. I started to get a little embarrassed. My lack of muscle was pretty evident when it came to my build. I liked going on runs to try and keep myself fit, but when it came to lifting or sculpting, that shit was not for me.

My thoughts were interrupted by Christians lips as they captured mine again. This time he started to inch me away from the wall and towards the bed. It was almost nothing for him as his hand wrapped around my back, and gently laid me on the mattress. His lips never broke away from mine as he supported me.

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