Chapter 1: Mourning *Edited*

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This is Berk. Still broken and worn, but we're working on that. Only hours ago our chief was struck down in battle, leaving us devastated, but many are growing their hope once more. Despite loosing the greatest man that ever lived, everyone was sure that Berk would be just fine. Why is that? Because that man's son is now chief. Many call him the dragon master, the peace keeper, the most cleverly brilliant fish-bone that ever lived; he would never take credit as such for he was a modest man, he only wanted to live up to his father...or at least try. He and his trusty dragon, Toothless, the only night fury known to man, have vowed to take care of their own, but who is this man? Well, that would be me, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, chief of Berk.

It was the night of the day that Hiccup had become chief. The man was sitting on the edge of his bed, stroking the black dragon's head while looking out of the hatch in his room at the moon. A cool, swift breeze filled the air and rustled through the man's auburn hair while swirling around him like gentle, comforting arms. It was odd, to think that he was now chief and his father was among those stars that shine down on him with a calming, silvery glow. Hiccup was in denial. To him, it never happened and it isn't happening; it is all a dream, a dream that he would wake up from soon.

How he wished it were true. How he wished that he would wake up to find himself on Itchy Armpit with Astrid at his side, finding out that his father's death and the war with Drago was nothing but a nightmare. He wished nothing more than to go back. But alas, his wish would not be granted by the Gods.

They had just recently arrived home after a bittersweet flight with the rest of the gang after his inauguration. Hiccup tried to act strong, he had to since he was now chief. Usually the ceremonies consisted of weeks of planning before the new chief would be deemed. Elaborate decorations would be cast around the Great Hall and he would have a series of vows he would read to the villagers, which he would have taken the time to compose beforehand. After the crowning, drinks would be passed around and food would be served. But Hiccup would not have this; all he had was the symbol ceremony, which consisted of the eldest of the elders, in this case Gothi, painting the symbol of the chief on the man's forehead. Besides that, he participated in a seemingly cheerful flight that he did not want to go on.

The man had longed to just go back to his house and sulk. He wanted to get lost in his own grief and have nothing to do with the outside world. But he couldn't do that. He was now chief, he had to be strong for his people. So for them, he flew around Berk in celebration of his new title. The man wasn't sure what to think about his villagers cheer. Deep down he had a slight tinge that poked at him, telling him that they were happy about his father's death, but he knew it wasn't true. They were just grateful that Hiccup had returned home, as well as his long lost mother. Everyone, well, mostly everyone, thought that Stoick was the best chief that Berk has had in centuries.

That was one of the many things that bounced around in the new chief's head, he wasn't sure he could live up to his father's name. Hiccup had said it himself earlier that day after he nocked his flaming around and let it loose, allowing it to burrow into his father's funeral boat; he asked how someone could live up to his father's name, but came to the conclusion that you can only try. And try he might. He saved Toothless from the Alpha's grasp, within only hours of his father's death, and stood up to Drago alongside his dragon companion.

It was a test. A test of courage and determination...and loyalty. Hiccup could have run off, never to come back because he wanted to grieve, but he shoved that enticing platter away and prepared for battle. He and Toothless fought valiantly, with unwavering valor, and sent Drago and his bewilderbeast into the depths of the ocean.

Hiccup took a finger to his face, wiping a newly formed tear from his already stained face. It was he and his mother that returned to the Haddock household, not him and his father, as it had been for the past 20 years. It wasn't that he wasn't happy that his mother was there, he was elated that he finally gets to know his mother, but he wishes that his father was there, to tell him goodnight and mess with him about marrying Astrid so that he could have grandchildren.

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