Nope! - Minho

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~Short story~

Genre: fluff, bff to lovers au
Shipping: Minho X Reader
Word count: 6k words

You sit on a bench near a park. It's freezing cold, and the fact that it's raining doesn't help either. How on earth could the weather be like that in mid July? Rain splattered on your nose and fogged your glasses. You're wearing nothing wintery-appropriate; just skinny black leggings and an oversized black hoodie. The only thing protecting you from the rain is the cap of the hoodie. Better than nothing, you think. You don't want to cry, but seeing the grey clouds shift ahead just gets you in the feels. You have no idea if your face is red from the cold, or from your distress. No crying, only quiet tears running down your face in a track. You don't even bother, though. You have to figure out a place to go. Someone to talk to, to say the least. Not your girl best friend for sure: girls can be judgmental at time...

You pick up the phone and call your ultimate guy best-friend.

'Hey, Y/n, what are you doing?'
'Umm..nothing really...are you free?' You try your best to not sound like you're crying, but Minho knows you too well, you guess, because he replies (a little coldly) with 'Y/n where are you, I'll come take you.'
You tell him where you are and thank him, then close your phone and place your hands in the hoodie, protecting at least your palms from the bitter coldness.

You have known Minho since eighth grade, and although both of you now go to different colleges, you're still close as ever. He is to be human. To be in this evil world...

You hear loud fast footsteps splashing in the puddles of rain. It's Minho, of course. You turn around and stand up, giving him a small smile.

'Y/n? You realize it's raining and like 11 degrees Celsius, right?.. your hands are freezing, dude!'

He takes your hand in one of his, while in the other he holds an umbrella to protect both of you from the hammering rain. You just walk with him to his car, silently, feeling what's left of heat inside him radiate into your freezing ones.

'He broke up with you didn't he?' He asks bitterly as he turns on the car.
'Yep,' you say simply. 'Doesn't matter he's an asshole.' You sniff.
'And...I'm never gonna say I told you so.' He replies bitterly. 'Can we stop by his house to kill him?'
'Honestly dude, I have wanted to do that for ages. AGES.' He kind of yells, which makes you a little startled.

Five minutes of silence passes by.

'Honestly I'm such a depressed bitch right now.' You mumble.
'Y/n, it's not healthy to diagnose yourself with bitchiness, I'll take you to a therapist and she'll tell you if you really are or not.' He sees your glare and quickly say 'sorry, I'm just kidding, you're the best person I've ever met!'

Damn how his mood changes quickly.

It doesn't take long until you're at his house. He takes you to his room and says 'I haven't got anything for girls, but...this should do better than your wet clothes.' he throws black sweatpants and a white hoodie. 'Go change and I'll be right here preparing myself to hear about what that dumbass did for the hundredth time' he jumps on his bed and places his arms behind his neck.

You roll your eyes jokingly, already feeling a hundred times better just by seeing Minho in front of you. You change in the bathroom (you've came to his house enough times to remember every inch of it) into the clothes he gave you. They actually fit you well, since you two are kind of the same size, except he's a bit taller than you.

'Wow, you actually look better than I expected in them.' He smirks. 'Doesn't matter. Now come here get comfortable, I'm listening.'

So you do as you're told and sit beside him on his bed, and then you start to rant about your ex boyfriend.
'And then he broke up with me...and when I told him I'm getting out of the house, he said-' you can't continue the sentence, though, the feels gets the best of you at that moment.

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