Chapter Fifteen

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The X-jet hovers in the air over Washington, from inside Steve watches out the window as the two quinjets land on the streets below. He looks to Sammy and gives her a nod before she is manoeuvring the jet through the sky. Stealth systems in place. Sammy lands the X-jet on the roof of the building and lowers the ramp. Scott and Kitty are first off followed by Steve. Sammy shuts down the jet before joining them. Her boots are silent against the asphalt of the roof as she moves to Steve's side.

"Alright" Steve states. "Everyone in position?" he asks over comms.

"Yep" Clint answers.

"Ready when you are" Logan agrees. Steve looks at Sammy who nods. She's ready.

"Storm the gates" Steve orders.

"Here" Sammy states approaching the electrical control box. "Why do they always put them on the roof?" she mumbles and then easily pulls off the cover to the electric box. Steve stand at her back as Scott and Kitty stand sentry behind them. Sammy takes a deep breath and holds her hands ready around the wires waiting for the signal that it's started. She and Steve share a look before they hear the commotion at the front of the facility. Wade's high pitched squeal reverberating through the sky. Sammy closes her eyes and wraps her fingers around the exposed wires, she gasps as electricity sparks and travels along her arms. She concentrates on syphoning this energy into her body. The lights in the entire building all turn off. All of them. She takes a step back as she releases the wires, Steve watches her, concerned. She takes a breath and turns to Scott and Kitty, her eyes glowing slightly with her intake of electricity. "Kitty" Sammy states. "Take Scott and find the security centre"

"Sammy" Steve starts, about to argue with her.

"Trust me, Steve" She stops him. "You and I will be faster on our own" Kitty holds out her hand to Scott who takes it before they run through the wall, Steve spins to face Sammy, his eyes wide. "Yeah, Kitty can run through walls....and floors....pretty much anything" she explains. "Come on" she nods towards the entrance and he nods dumbly still processing Kitty and her powers.


Steve's shield ricochets against the wall in the dark before bouncing off of two Hydra agents who are knocked unconscious by the heavy metal. Steve catches his shield as it returns to him. Sammy stepping up at his side.

"Okay, where is this machine?" he asks her.

"Oh, I have no idea" she answers, Steve turns towards her.

"What?" he asks, she shrugs.

"It's here, I just don't know where here" she admits. "Why do you think I sent Scott and Kitty to the security room...where there are computers?"

"Oh, you mean in the room in the building where you turned off all the electronics?" Steve points out, she opens her mouth to argue before stopping and shutting it. "Yeah" he whispers and closes his eyes, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. "Okay..." he takes a breath as he opens his eyes. "We go to the security office, you use your...." he wiggles his fingers at her. "To turn on a computer, which FYI Romanoff is going to need access to, we locate this machine and you and me will go and destroy it, you can do that, right?" she takes a breath nodding.

"Yeah. Okay" she agrees. He raises an eyebrow at her. "I usually just follow Logan" she admits with a shrug. "And I have spent the last five years following orders" He walks away with a sigh, this Sammy is a little more submissive than the one he remembers, but she has a point, she's spent the last five years following orders from someone she couldn't fail. He misses the old Sammy. The snarky, sarcastic woman he fell in love with. He doesn't know this new version of her. Maybe he never really knew her at all. "So I didn't exactly think this whole thing through, but at least we're here, and taking down a Hydra's win whatever way you look at it" he sighs and shoots her a look. Shots are fired as a Hydra agent runs around the corner, Steve grabs Sammy and holds up his shield in front of them. The two of them share a look before Sammy pulls her lasso from her waist and throws it out, tangling it around the agent who chokes slightly dropping his gun, Steve lowers his shield. Sammy smirks and the lasso crackles as she sends electricity down the length of it, electrocuting the agent wrapped around the end. She pulls her lasso free and he drops to the floor.

"Let's go" Steve tells her already moving down the hall, Sammy wraps her lasso up again and hurries after him. A figure in black darts between two rooms, Steve goes to throw his shield but Sammy stops him, placing her hand on his arm and shakes her head, he raises an eyebrow and holds up a finger. As the figure darts out of the room and goes to move, Sammy reacts.

"Oh no, you don't" she scolds grabbing the back of the black suit and yanks them back to her, she then shoves them against the wall and rips off the mask. Peggy smirks at her mother and father.

"Oh, hi" Peggy greets innocently.

"Peggy?" Steve asks stepping closer. "What are you doing here?"

"I'll tell you what she's doing here" Sammy scolds. "Because I told her no, she snuck onto a're not ready for this" she adds, Peggy looks down. She's been wanting to be an X-Man for years but Sammy keeps putting it off, not ready, too immature, not safe. Excuse after excuse. Peggy knows, she really does know, that this is just her mother's fears and worry but she's 60 odd years old and can look after herself, and she heals, just like Sammy.

"You've been saying that for decades" Peggy whines.

"And the fact that you're actually whining right now proves my point" Sammy releases her and Peggy sighs. "You're not ready....." Sammy presses her finger to Peggy's head. "In here....." Sammy sighs. "I know you want to be a part of this, a part of the X-Men...."

"Bethany does stuff" Peggy points out. "And she's so much younger than me...."

"Bethany mans the computers and stays on the jet" Sammy argues giving her daughter a look. "You're here now...and you're staying by my side until we leave this place" Peggy pulls her mask back on and looks to Steve for help.

"I'm with her" He motions to Sammy. "She knows you better than I"

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