Chapter 8

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"We don't do weddings in the Moors, Beastie..." Maleficent tried to explain that the magical banding already took place when the ring was worn on after a proposal but Aurora was nowhere near to accepting no for an answer.

"You let Godfather wait years to win you over! Surely holding a simple wedding with him is much easier!" Aurora huffed, her handmaidens helping to feed Ashley in the empty room next door. "Yes, but-" Maleficent began to explain again, but Aurora whistled, and two maids came in with a scroll.

"I, Queen Aurora, request that Maleficent hold a proper wedding, no matter how small the scale, with Diaval." She spoke aloud, and Maleficent sank into the chair, knowing that she had lost the battle. "Fine…...but I'm not wearing white!" Maleficent made up her mind, and Aurora grinned wickedly, "Let's get this wedding started!"


"How could your cave possibly be so gloomy?!" Aurora had exclaimed when Maleficent flew her up, and within three days' time, Aurora and her servants had added decorations and painted the walls of her cave, making it more lively.

"Beastie, I assure you, this dress is more than enough!" Maleficent was faced by several gowns hanging in the air, and Aurora mused as she slowly went through them. "Nope. Too lifeless." Aurora threw away a simple short sleeved dress, and picked another with lace, "Too fancy."

All in all, Aurora rumaged through whatever dress she could possibly conjure up, when she found the perfect one. It was ankle-length, with a V cut at her hip again, but with long sleeves that clung on to her hand, and a bare back. It was made from silk, from head to toe, and Maleficent actually found herself liking the dress.

Except one thing.

It was a white dress.


No vows, no complicated ceremony or speeches. Just a simple flower gate that they had to walk through. Yet Maleficent felt nervous, as she peeked through the white veil that Aurora had made sure she masked her face with. 

Diaval arrived, with the very same tail coat as before, but with a white vest beneath instead, and Maleficent laughed underneath her breath as Diaval tripped over one of Phillip's perfectly polished pointed shoes. Upon seeing Maleficent waiting for him, Diaval quickened his pace, and he hooked her arm gently.

"You look more beautiful than ever before." Diaval muttered as they headed to the flower gate, and Maleficent blushed. She still wasn't used to all the compliments after all this months, but then again, it had been years since she last fell in love.

"I could say the same to you." Maleficent returned the compliment, and the two stopped underneath the flower gate. "Look! There's a mistletoe!" Aurora winked cheekily, and Maleficent realised that Aurora had snuck some of the red berries into the flowers. 

"Kiss the bride! Kiss the bride!" The Moor Folk began chanting, making Diaval blush furiously, and he slowly lifted Maleficent's veil, tucking it behind her horns. Reaching forward, his arms found their familiar spot as they curled around her waist, drawing her over to him.

Looping one arm over his neck, Maleficent pressed herself to Diaval's chest, feeling the heat as he began to blush, and before Diaval could even say anything, Maleficent gently placed her lips on his, and they parted instantly. His lips were salty, yet with a tinge of sweetness, and Maleficent could feel their breathlessness, but she didn't care.

And behind them stood the cheering crowd, applauding as their protector finally became the same girl that she once was all those years ago, but this time, with another protector by her side.


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