Chapter 13: New Arrivals

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Unknown shuttle. Solar System, Milky Way galaxy.

(Normal POV)

"Skywarp! Get back here!"

The purple seeker gave a laugh and sat on the ship's support beams. Pedes dangling below as his optics roamed across the empty corridor. The dark blue seeker's shout could be heard throughout the whole vessel. He laughed once again, one of his servo grasping the beam for balance.

Operation: Paint Thundercracker neon green and draw crude drawings on then while he was recharging then run away, hide and don't get caught and probably get a shorter name for this operation but whatever, was an excellent success!

It was hard to rile up his normally calm wing-mate. But neon green?

Skywarp held a servo over his mouth when he heard pedesteps underneath where he was hiding. Mischievous red optics locked on the form that was slowly making their way over.

Thundercracker looked irritated. But he knew from his trinelink with the blue seeker that he was downright furious. The mech thought to himself on why didn't he saw this sooner. He knew from the giddy sensation he felt through his bond with the warping seeker meant that bad things we're going to happen.

He forcefully dragged his pedes in front of one another as he walked with a frown on his face. This was humiliating, yes. But the mechs on board the shuttle knew better than to laugh at someone who was a victim of one of Skywarp's pranks. All of them had experienced that before and it was no laughing matter.

The blue seeker knew that his wing-mate was right above him. He had two choices.

A. Strangle him right here and now.

Or B. Head to the washracks to scrub the hideous paint and scribbles off his frame.

He chose the latter. He can get his revenge later, now he needs to clean himself.

As he walked away, Skywarp watched as he disappeared around the corner. When he made sure that the other was far gone, he let out a laugh from his vocalizer. The aftermath of his prank would be horrible in many different ways, but it was worth it.

A few hours later. The alarm sounded and Shockwave's voice rang throughout the shuttle.

"Approaching planet Earth. All Decepticons to your escape pods."

Skywarp, who was in a brawl with Barricade, froze and looked over at his wing-mate. The blue seeker gave a nod as they all went to their respective pods. The warping seeker gave a cheeky grin to Thundercracker before he went into stasis lock.


Command Center, Nemesis.

The Decepticons just discovered another energon mine. A great accomplishment in a long while. They were low on fuel and finding energon mines we're harder than it looks. All they need to do now was make sure that they claimed that place first before the Autobots does.

Megatron was pleased.

Soundwave expressed his feelings through his bonds with his creations.

Knockout was delighted.

Breakdown is appreciative.

Dreadwing is in a good mood.

Skyquake cheered.

All were glad to have finally found an energon mine. A large-sized one too. The cave was filled with energon crystals. One didn't pay attention to what they were doing. A certain seeker stood beside his leader as they supervised the mining process from the screen.

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