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"throw the rubbish out, sol!" her mother hollered from the kitchen, smearing coconut oil on her saggy skin. whilst poking the small freckles she had peppered near her nose and cheeks, she grabbed the car keys and exited out of the kitchen.

"eun!" she yelled as she slipped her feet into her fluffy black boots.
"go to car, quickly! make sure all the sockets are off!"

eun did as he was told, pitching his school bag on his small shoulders afterwards. he made sure he had the two bags of lollipops in his pocket, patting his trousers with a slight grin.

of course, he was going to sell them-- because apparently that's what twelve year olds do nowadays.

sol heaved a heavy sigh as she picked up the rubbish bag and cereal box near the gate, tossing it into the right bins near the park behind it.

the park was horribly wet due to last night's rain and looked somewhat abandoned. litter was scattered everywhere and there were no sounds of children laughing now. it was eerily quiet.

sol stared hard at the hopscotch drawn on the concrete ground, noticing how the colours of the chalk faded little by little...

her mind suddenly went reeling on how seon's loud, energetic voice made her smile everyday. it was the foolish games she'd play with him that she missed the most. her favourite was gathering small stones in her hands along with seon as his hands were a little bigger and then hurling them into the air, running away with their hands above their heads thinking they were mini explosive bombs.

sol ripped her eyes away from the park.

quickly, before her eyes starts to sting.

however, her throbbing eyes soon landed on something shimmering on the floor.

she squinted her eyes,
noticing how when the
sunlight penetrated through
the dark grey clouds,
it shone all its warmth
onto a make-up palette.

sol frowned, wondering why an expensive eye-shadow palette was thrown into the bin even though it was still in its packaging. but, then she noticed red lip gloss: oozing out of its tube and onto the ground, glistening just like the eyes-shadow palette.

sol ushered her legs into the park to get a closer look, her eyes widening at all the expensive makeup brands and the two black ballet shoes with a beautiful teared ribbon hanging from the rubbish bin lid.

when she looked closer at the ribbon, she noticed that there was someone's initials sewed at the end with a gold, sparkly thread; pjm.

sol's focus on the ribbon soon broke as her ears picked up upon someone's footfalls. as she turned her head to her left, a man with long, black hair walked past her, looking as though he was in a hurry yet had perplexity written all over his handsome face.

he had a sheen of gloss on his nails and make up on: a peach aesthetic that sol adored. too bad that her hands were only made for art with paper and not her own face.

the tall man soon stopped, his hair doing a swaying movement and shimmering in the bask of sunlight. he sighed heavily and scratched the side of his neck, spewing out a curse word under his breath.

his eyes soon landed on the girl crouched down on the floor, a braid becoming undone as she wiped the strand of hair away from her face.

the man fixed his black leather jacket and played around with his silver earring, laughing nervously as he walked up to her.

sol held her breath.

should i run?

i should run.

move your damn legs, sol--

"um, hi, do you live around here?" his voice was gentle yet low, which startled sol. she shrugged her shoulders and let out a stifled laugh, wanting to run away because she absolutely cannot speak to strangers.

"ah, love, i'm just lost!" he exclaimed, "i'm looking for my friend's house! the door number is twenty-two! a navy blue door...?"

sol swayed her head over to her right and started to walk behind her building with her hands gesturing towards a house similar to hers, causing the tall man to follow after her footsteps. as she raised her index finger at the door he described it to be like, his eyes somewhat sparkled.

two small dimples
appeared to compliment
the blissful smile he
had painted on at that

with a clap, he averted his head down to the small girl beside him and laughed which caused her to feel a flutter in her chest.

"thank you so much, i've been searching for so, so long!" before he turned on his heel, he pointed at her hair.
"that beautiful braid has become undone, by the way!"

sol raised her eyebrows in subtle shock and embarrassment, grazing her fingers to the loose braid he pointed out. she then peered down at the ground and the area behind her, annoyed that she had lost her bobby pin-- it was the last one she had and she had a packet of 50 of them.

the tall man let out a small smile and handed over a clip in clear material packaging. sol accepted it with sincerity, a grin beginning to form on her lips.

"don't worry," he stated calmly, "this isn't for anyone in particular. we give these to those who attends my dance academy!"

sol nodded in understanding, liking how it wasn't just the plain bobby pins she's always been wearing.

instead, it had tiny
silver gems aligned
around the edges and a
beautiful red stone
stuck in the middle,
which caught the sunlight
and glistered brightly.

the tall man glanced over at his rose gold wrist-watch and had an alarmed expression on, washing away the smile he had plastered on for a while.

and, after his goodbye, he was gone, dropping his business card on the ground which caught sol's eyes.

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