Chapter 10: I would Die For You

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I hear a knock on the bus door. I look at my phone. 3:30 AM. It's probably the guys from the MIW bus playing a prank again. I tap Ashley on the shoulder because he is near the edge of the bed so he can get out of bed and get it faster.

"Babe. Get the door." I say then roll back over and try to fall asleep. I feel Ashley kiss my cheek and get up.

"Babe!! It was just Jinxx, CC, and Andy!!!" He says very annoyed and plops back in the bed.

"Guys!! Are you okay?" I say attempting to jump over Ashley but failing and falling on my flat ass. I hear everyone start to laugh at me.

"Babe? Haha!! Are you okay?" Ashley says sitting up on the edge of the bed and rubbing my back.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I say laughing and getting up to sit on Ashley's lap.

"Where were you guys? I was really worried." I say looking at Jinxx and CC.

"We got kidnapped by my Ex-Boyfriend. Then Andy came and found us." Jinxx says kissing CC.

"Thank god Andy is back in one piece. I would die if I lost him." Patricia says jumping out of their bunk and running towards Andy.

"Aww. Babe!" Andy says picking Patricia up and spinning her around.

"Okay, Okay!! Take it to the bunk guys!!" Ashley says covering mine and his eyes.

"Oh, Come on, Ashley! We hear you and Savannah all the time and we don't complain." Andy says tilting his head to the side.

"Shut it, Biersack." Ashley says blushing and laying back down behind me.

"Well, CC and I are going back to our bunk. We are tired as fuck." Jinxx says hugging all of us in the front of the bus then grabbing CC's hand and leading him back to their bunk.

"I think that we are gonna go to bed too." Andy says picking Patricia up bridal style and carrying her to their bunk. Ashley pokes my sides and he knows how ticklish I am, So I jump up and start laughing.

"Come here." Ashley says motioning me to come closer. I walk back over to the bunk and he pulls me in and shuts the curtain. I start laughing even more. Ashley begins to stare at me.

"What?" I ask caressing his cheek with my thumb. He just smiles at me. I smile back, Of Course. He then starts to kiss me very passionately. Where did this come from? I love Ashley and everything, But lately, He has been very protective of me and very passionate towards me. What has gotten into him? Eh. I like him being so passionate. Its really cute. I start to kiss back then Ashley breaks the kiss.

"Let's go to bed babe. Its really early. I love you." Ashley says looking straight into my eyes.

"I love you too, Ashley." I say looking into his beautiful brown eyes.

***Chris's POV***

I can't believe Ryan interrupted Aiden and I. And to make it worse THEY FREAKING TOOK PICTURES OF US!

"Balz!" I yell as I pull my boxers, sweatpants, and a shirt on then grab a blanket for Aiden and jump out of the bunk.

"Shit!" I hear him yell and as I enter the front room of the bus all the other guys, including Balz run off the bus.

After chasing them for about five minutes they gave up and deleted the pictures.

"If you all do that again I swear I will kill you all." I said looking around for Aiden.

"Chris!" I hear Aiden yell and I look around confused.

"Aiden? Where are you?!" I say looking everywhere.

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