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Remy stood there seething as his glasses fell slightly onto his nose showing his bright anger-filled golden eyes. Virgil narrowed his eyes in concern as he looked around slightly confused. Roman was clenching his fists so tightly his knuckles were white. While Remus was literally holding Deceit back. However, Remus didn't look all that happy himself either. Patton was biting his lip to keep from saying anything as Logan sat there with narrowed eyes clutching his cup tightly. The only one showing something that wasn't anger was Emile, but that was because he was concerned for his boyfriend who for some godly reason decided to lash out.

"Do you mind... repeating what you just said about my friend?" Remy smirked as he clenched his fist even tighter. "Because it sounded like you were calling him a villain."

"He's Hades son. Of course, he's a villain." Remy decked the dude again. As another boy decided to join the fight. It wasn't long before Remy was fighting again 3 boys at once while Emile was slowly getting up. It wasn't like no one would have joined in to help it's just Remy seemed to be handling it until... One got Remy right in the face. Emile jumped up so fast running over to help him as everyone else go there feet. People at other tables were watching with growing concern concidering the table was filled with Vk's.

"Remy!" Emile was shoved back causing him to lose balance and fall against a table.  Deceit grabbed one of the men by the arm twisting it behind him as he held him tight. Roman stopped another just by putting his hand on his sword a clear warning that if they tried anything Roman would not hesitate. The other two stood there confused as Patton and Remus both blocked their path.

"This has gone on far enough." Roman called out as he shook his head. "You're actions are totally..."

"Get. Out. Of. My. FUCKING. Way." The air went dead as everyone turned to see Emile standing there with bright glowing eyes... his glasses broken on the floor. The bullies all went white as Emile grinned psychotically. "I'll fucking kill them."

"Emile, no!" Virgil grabbed Emile's arms twisting them in as he held them closely. Emile growled as he struggled against Virgil's grip. The whole place went into a panic as the princes turned to trying to keep people safe. People were pushing and shoving to escape as Emile screamed out in anger.

"LET ME GO!" Virgil was literally holding the dark prince back as the place slowly emptied.

"You don't have to do this, Emile." Virgil tensed feeling Emile's magic branch out as if trying to poison his target, in this case, Virgil. "E-Emile... you don't... want..." Virgil could feel himself getting weaker as Emile continued to fight him. "Emile listen to me. You don't want this."

"I'm going to make them pay." Someone helped Remy off the ground trying to make the son of sleep come to his senses as Emile started to tear up. He could see the pain in Remys as he nursed a headache. That punch had been a good one and it was already bruising. "They hurt him... So I'll hurt them."

"You don't want t..." Virgil fell to his knees coughing as Emile frowned seeing Remy's eyes go wide.

"Babe?" Emile smiled as Remys took his surroundings in. "What was... wait?" Virgil shook as grabbed the broken glasses and used the table to push himself up to his feet. Remy frowned as his eyes met Emile's. "Emile what's going on?"

"You got hurt." Remy laughed as he shook his head.

"It was just a punch. I'm fine." Emile's eyes narrowed as his eyes darted to the door. "Emile I'm fine."

"No, they hurt you... They hurt you and they were mean to Virgil. I should..." Virgil grabbed Emile's arm again having had to sit on the chair as to not fall.

"Emile... stop and think." Virgil smiled up at him and Emile hesitated, seeing the pain in his friend too. "Your mother would've killed them right?" Emile slowly nodded as Virgil pressed his now fixed, most likely by a spell, glasses into his hands. "But what would you do?"

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