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"12 Acacia place, Ellington. My uh house... is on fire."

"Hold tight and stay calm, make sure everyone is out of the house, a fire truck will be over in around 15 minutes." When he instructs me to stay calm, I kind of freeze. I think it's because I don't feel stressed or anxious, as if a house fire is a common thing. It's almost like I don't care that our house and practically our whole life has burnt. And that's what freaks me out......

The fact that I don't care.


I sit on the curb while mum cries her eyes out beside me. I rub circles on her back as I stare into the air like some kind of emotionless psycho.

I then focus towards the house where the flames have gotten a lot more out of control. I can see them making the walls black and embers exploding as all our belongings burn to ashes.

I hear a bang as something explodes just before the sirens blast, travelling closer and closer. I should be relieved that the fire department is here but all I feel is numb.

"Is everyone ok?" a middle aged man dressed in full protective gear asks me as the team come out of the truck in a line.

"Yea we're fine." I mumble, not quite looking at him.

"It'll be ok." He says looking at mum who's wiping vigorously at her eyes. She nods but doesn't wipe the sad expression off her face.

"What are we going to do?" She whispers to me, her eyes wide.

"I don't know mum..." I say looking over to the burnt house, currently being sprayed by a jet of water. "I really don't know."


"We couldn't save much." The same firefighter tells us a few hours later. "The gas in the stove made the fire a lot more fierce than it would've been."
"Thanks for everything." Mum says, before I can say - well you shouldn't tell us about the gas now that everything's burnt to a crisp.

He nods and my eyes scan the now black and ashy thing that used to be a happy home.

"Oh my god, what have I done!" Mum screams at herself as we walk past the area. Thank god the car I use hadn't burnt, and luckily I park on the street.

"It's ok."
"No it's not Blair! All my memories of you and of your life are gone!"
"All I had was shit memories." I mumble and mum's red rimmed eyes snap to mine.

"What are we going to do? Live on the streets?!" She smacks her hand against her thigh. "I've messed up your life Blair."
"No you haven't. I still have my job and we can rent out a place. You can try find a decent job, and everything will work out."

Mum sighs and reties her hair. "Ok."

"I trust you." She says before giving me a hug. "You are so strong, stronger than me."
I smile and I know it's enough of a reply.... That is, before we're bombarded with two cameras in our faces.

"Tell us what's happened."
"How are you feeling at this point?"
And to that, I raise my hand inline with both cameras and give the world a finger.

"We're doing fine thanks." I smile sarcastically as the two ladies gasp at me.
And with my mum, and my privacy, I turn away and walk down the street to my car, with no idea where to go.


"Who can we call?" Mum asks at 3 in the morning, where we sit in the empty cafe. Lucky I work here because I have a set of keys to open the cafe. And right now we need them.

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