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"Where are all your presents?" Alexis demanded, stomping her foot.

"I am not too fussed," I smiled, readjusting her dress, "why don't you go and show Uncle Ashton your dress?"

"Is Luke's mum here?"

"We decided to bring all the mums!"

"I am going to say hello,"

"Good. I'll be out in a second, I'm just helping get the food out,"

She hugged my leg and ran out, letting Michael and I unpack the food. Luke and his dad were on the barbecue, and I could see Alexis sat on Ashton's lap by the mums.

"Cal, I think Alexis has a point. What have you done for your birthday?"

"This can be my celebration too,"

"You've not taken us or Mali out, or your mum. You always do that,"

"I wanted a quiet birthday,"

"Have you got a cake?"

"Ash brought Alexis a unicorn one,"

"Oh my,"

"I'm not in a party mood, Mike,"

He sighed and picked up the food, both of us giving it to Luke. Already, there was an array of burgers and hot dogs to eat, and I smiled when I saw Ash help Alexis squeeze ketchup on hers.

It grew when I saw my mum had taken a photo.

"Dad! Auntie Mali got you a gift,"

"I know, I opened it,"

"Without me?"

"Well you were having fun out here. Shall we sit and eat?"

"Yes please. What did Auntie Mali get you?"

"A special bear with mummy's voice in,"

"Can I join?" Ash said, sitting the other side of Alexis.

"What did mummy say?"

"It was a message from before you were born, because I was away on my birthday,"

"She sounds kind,"

Ash put his hand on my shoulder, giving it a squeeze as Alexis scoffed her hot dog down.

"Can we play catch?"

"Not while there is hot food out,"

"Can I hug uncle Luke?"

"What do you think?"


"Not right now, there is hot food,"

"This is a good hotdog. I hope you like it because it's your birthday,"

I smiled and rubbed her back, letting her crawl onto my lap.

"Uncle Ashton, do I look like dad?"

"You do!"

She squealed and kissed my cheek, pressing her's against mine. I hugged her tightly, because she brought so much positivity to me all the time.

"Ashton! Uncle Ashton, I am doing dance classes. I'm going to dance, and sing, and play characters,"

"Well that will be f,"- "Dad, will you make me costumes?"

"I will try my best,"

"That will be fun," Ash said again, taking her hand. This many people around made her hyper, but she'd crash later.

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