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"So... now they know, huh?" Virgil just sat there feeling everything crashing down ontop of him. He couldn't breathe. He felt as the person next to him pulled him in and despite not exactly knowing who it was he couldn't make himself move away. "It's going to be ok, Virgil."

"He's not a villain." Roman tensed as Virgil finally spoke, his voice sounding more like a subtle squeak than anything else. "He's not..." He could feel Virgil shaking in his arms as they just sat there. "He's not evil."

"It's ok, Virgil." Virgil shook his head as his eyes blurred from all the tears.

"No, it's not... because everyone sees him as this Evil man... My mother is already evil... so... s-so that means... it means..." Roman held him tighter as Virgil clung to him. "It means I have to be evil too... right?"

"Absolutely not." Roman narrowed his eyes as he stared off ahead. "We aren't our parents Virgil. We are the product of our experiences but even then... I believe it how we overcome the experiences that make us who we are. No one is inherently evil or good."

"But Royal's are supposed to..."

"My father is the Beast, Virgil." Roman frowned as he absentmindedly played with Virgil's hair. "People often ignore everything he did before meeting my mother. And even then... She was his prisoner."

"I don't understand."

"My father was a selfish, vain, and cruel prince. That's how he was raised to be by his father. When he was cursed to be the beast his anger..." Roman couldn't help but flinch just at the mere word. "... it took over."

"Like with what happened to you?" Virgil slowly looked up to see Roman just staring blankly ahead and he frowned. "Roman? Are you ok?"

"I am my father's son. Anger and Pride are our greatest weaknesses." Roman tensed as Virgil wrapped his arms around Roman's arm holding it tightly to his chest. "I should've... I should've done something to get it under control. Instead I..."

"It's ok, Roman." Roman laughed as he shook his head. 

"No, it isn't. Not really anyway. As a royal, we need to be aware of our weaknesses so that we can actively work to prevent them from causing harm. I didn't do that. I fell right into my anger and fear. Just like my father. His pride caused him to turn the other way, denying the enchantress who then cursed him to teach him a lesson." Roman moved himself a bit so that he was comfortable as he pulled Virgil's head into his lap instead of the anxious one holding onto him. Roman continued to play with the smaller one's hair as Virgil just stared up at him with concern. "He spent years festering in his anger and mistrust that he he imprisoned my grandfather without a second thought over a misunderstanding. I told myself I was NEVER going to be like that but... I never gave any of you a chance."

"We're from the isle..."

"That shouldn't have mattered." Roman leaned his head back as he closed his eyes feeling all that guilt rise up again. "Remus was right. I should've tried to help instead I was an ass... and then I... I was literally no better than my father towards you. If you hadn't..."

"I hadn't what?"

"I know how you feel about what you did but..." Virgil frowned as Roman looked down at him. "... I am very grateful that you did. Which is confusing because I am still very pissed off about it." Roman smiled slightly as Virgil looked away. "I know, I know... But that isn't the point here Virgil."

"See. I must be evil."

"YOU. ARE. NOT. EVIL." Roman took Virgil's hand in his as he made the smaller on look up at him. He held his hand to his chest looking down at the man in his lap as the tear built up in his eyes. "Listen to me, Virgil. You are not evil. You are not a villain. You've done nothing wrong. Your spell was not to hurt me. That was never your intention. The reason I'm so angry... I'm angry at myself for being so cruel. I am angry that you felt you had no other choice. Yes, I am angry you did it, for several different reasons. No one wants to be spelled. And I won't lie to you and say that I'm not mad about that but I'm more mad that I hurt you so much that you resorted to that." Roman blinked and Virgil watched as the tears slowly fell down the prince's cheeks. "You are not evil. I don't think you could be even if you wanted to. You have so much good in you... you literally glow when you smile."

"But my parents..."

"Do not define you." Virgil narrowed his eyes as Roman literally begged Virgil to hear him. "The animals flock to you... and not just animals but babies. Their purity and innocence... They don't just go to anyone. Not even Patton gets as much attention from them as you do." Roman squeezed Virgil hand tighter as he continued. "You were chosen by a bluebird. Forgetting the fact that that bird literally chooses kings... down to their basic meaning, they literally symbolize the spreading of joy and happiness. Virgil..." Roman's eyes narrowed as his heart literally started to race. "You've said so many times that fear, hesitation, sympathy, love, kindness... that they were all signs of weakness. That anything good was a sign of weakness."

"It is. That's why mother abandoned me. My anxiety took over... I was far too fearful..."

"When I look at you I don't see fear." Virgil's eyes filled with confusion as Roman smiled softly. "I don't think your mother labeled you as weak because of your anxiety, Virgil. I don't think she abandoned you due to your fear." Roman leaned in slightly staring down at the boy in his lap with a look of pure love. "I think... I think it was because she saw what I see."

"A-And... w-what is that?" Roman smiled even more as Virgil knitted his brow in confusion. "What do you see?"

"I see a boy overflowing with the potential for good." Roman placed a hand to Virgil's cheek seeing the way the anxious boy's eyes began to tear up. "I see a very boy filled with light that shines within him so easily." Virgil slowly pushed himself up as Roman still just smiled. "I see a boy who's just as pure as the animals who flock to him." Virgil's face was moments away from Roman's who brushed his hands against Virgil's cheeks as his eyes inadvertently darted to his lips and back again to his eyes. "I see a boy who I love..." Once again Roman leaned in letting there lips touch but only for a second before pulling away and smiling. "I should get going." Roman pushed himself up ingoring the way Virgil sat there stunned. "Deceit has a play tonight so... I guess I'll see you there?"

"Uh, what?" Virgil's fingers brushed against his lips before he snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh, right... Deceit. Uh... yeah." Virgil smiled as Roman frowned realizing he messed up again. "The play."

"I'm sorry. I did it again." Virgil just smiled as he shook his head. "I really need to stop that. It's just..."

"It's fine, Roman. I'll see you later."

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