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[The Doctors and Their Companions Have Joined]
[The Doctor's Names Have Been Changed to Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve]
Eleven: Er... Hello?
Clara: Doctor? Wait... DOCTOR?!
Twelve: Clara?
Rose: What the hell is going on?
Donna: I'd like to know the same thing.
Martha: Same.
Jack: Hello everyone! Oh, we have a new girl here. Hello, Clara, may I say you look gorgeous.
Amy: Doctor?
Jack: And another too! Hello, Amy. To the both of you, I am Captain Jack Harkness.
Eleven: Really Jack...
River: I'm married, don't try it Captain.
Nine: Since when did that stop him?
Server: Welcome to the chat room, you may speak here and enjoy the time talking to everyone, via chat room.
Donna: Oi, I demand answers.
Twelve: Were you always like this? It has been a while...
Donna: Oh shut up eyebrows! I want to hear answers.
Twelve: They are attack eyebrows!
[Server is not allowed to give answers.]
Ten: No use Donna.
Server: You are allowed to use this place freely as you want and you must go on everyday.
Martha: What if we don't?
Server: Our soldiers will find you.
Clara: What a consoling thought.
Server: You may come back on any times, even when others are not available. Now you have had one taste of this chat room. Goodbye.
[Server has kicked everyone off]
Well this is a weird Fanfiction. XD

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