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a/n: okay no, i don't like where this is going aha. we're going to pretend chapter 19 never happened and start that part over. i really don't that chapter aha. if you don't remember what happened on chapter 18 (where we are going to continue from), izy and avani are catching an uber to the theme park thing. let's get started, sorry for any confusion! comment below if you're unsure about anything <3

izys pov
avani and i arrive and we run up to the others who are in line waiting to get in. the lines kinda long since it's the holidays and no one has school (i don't know how these things work aha) everyone sees us and gives us a massive hug, yes we skipped the line, we're in the vip section so that means we get to skip the line for every ride so we don't need to wait like 73929 hours for our turn.

we get in and go on some rides, there was one called the superman (i am making these up so don't attack me if it's not correct aha) it starts off slow and superman talks to you and then he says "quickly! we can't let them get away" and then we all go zooming through the roller coaster going upside down, through the loops, under the cave ugh! it's so fun.

we all get hungry and go grab some food at the 'all you can eat' restaurant where you can get as much food as you would like, once we all get our food we find a nice place on the grass and all sit in chat whilst taking a few photos for our instagrams.

"this has been such a fun day! i'm so sad we have to leave tomorrow" chase says while fake crying, we all just laugh at how dramatic he is.

"you're such a goofball" i say laughing at him, cynthia looks my way and death stares me.. oops?

"awh baby, you're adorable" cynthia says then grabs chase and shoves her tongue down his throat looking at me while she's doing so

"woah there cynth, calm down" avani says awkwardly, cynthia takes her filthy ass tongue out of chases throat. i look over at chase and could tell he felt very uncomfortable, silly hoe

we all talked about our favourite rides and topped up our plates with more food, we haven't eaten all day so we were hungry

chases pov
i look over at izy oh she looks absolutely breathtaking. i don't know why i'm with cynthia, we have no chemistry and every kiss just doesn't feel right. i know i messed up big time with izy we were just a big mess to be fair. we like just met and i wanted to get to know her more but then we sort of drifted and i found someone else.

"baby! i'm going to the bathroom, hold this for me" cynthia says

"uh yeah sure" i say no paying any attention to her whatsoever

"oi, my face is her not over there, i also want you to hold this, oh and this! wait can i have that bag back? it has my makeup in it, you can hold this big instead! oh and can yo-" she keeps rambling on until i cut her off dropping all her bags she had just given me

"HOLY SHIT CYNTHiA I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE! I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND AND I AM NOT GOING TO BE RUNNING AROUND AFTER YOU LIKE THIS" i snapped at her, i honestly can't deal with her bullshit anymore

"chase baby? what are you doing?! everyone is looking at us" she whispers to me

"who cares what people think! you always worry about other people's opinions you just have to chill out for once fuck" i reply with

"ugh whatever chase! i'm leaving" she says while picking up all her bags, while walking away she trips over and face plants onto the grass. "FUCK! chase! help me" she yells, she looks over at me and her makeup is smudged and she has dirt all over her face and i can't help but laugh. "this isn't funny chase" she says with tears threatening to fall from her eyes

"sorry boo" i say while laughing and walking away.

payton, avani, anthony and izy saw the whole entire thing and they followed me as i walked away from cynthia.

"that was uh-" izy says then literally all of us cut her off

"hilarious" avani says

"embarrassingly funny" payton says (is that even a word? i'm dumb sorry)

"sksksk and i oop-" i say and we all start laughing our asses off. "cynthia is going to hate me" i say, we're still dating but i'm definitely breaking up with her

"hey chase! don't worry about her right now. just relax and have some fun, let loose" izy says while rubbing my back, her touch made me calm down i felt at peace with izy.

we take an uber back to the hotel leaving cynthia behind, i get to my room and i'm sharing a room with cynthia so this will be fun.

10 minutes later

cynthia comes storming into the room, she comes up to me and...

words: 877
a/n: hope you enjoyed this! i'm sorry if it was really confusing as i said earlier, if there is anything you're unsure about then comment!

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