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     If there's one thing Josiah learned throughout the course of his youth, it's that one's life in its entirety was built upon a foundation of decisions. As romantic as it was to think that life was mainly about something like friends, family, love, it was more logical to realize that all of these are influenced by our choices. Therefore, life is about the choices and steps we take to achieve these things.

     Josiah never chose to fall in love with Isaac. However, he made the decision to act upon his desires and continue spending time with the boy. His choices, one after another, built a chain—one he didn't realize was slowly coiling around him. It wasn't long before he realized he couldn't escape. For he was in love. Hopelessly in love.

     In short, life was dependent on one's decisions. As Josiah stood in the animal shelter, he was faced with yet again another daunting choice: which animal to take home? He glanced over to Isaac, trying to read his facial expressions so he could go from there.

     "This is too hard," Josiah whined, reaching towards a small beagle. "I just want to take all of them home with us."

     Isaac chewed his lip, something he did when he was either nervous or making a decision. Josiah figured it was the latter. He watched his eyes dart over to grey cat. Upon closer notice, the eyes were two different colors. While one was a golden hazel, the other was an icy blue. "She's stunning," he said, low under his breath as if it were a statement not meant for Josiah to hear.

     Josiah raised his brows. "I didn't know Isaac Harley wanted a cat."

     Isaac averted his gaze from the animal. "Back when I didn't really have a home, I became really fond of the strays around me." He then brought his eyes back to the cat. "There was one that always made an effort to visit me; she had grey fur. In a way...she was kind of my only friend out there." He shook his head as if to bring himself back to reality. "But I know much you want a dog. And I do too. Really."

     Josiah hesitated for a moment. "Let's get the cat."


     "I said, 'let's get the cat.' I made my final choice."

     "A-are you sure? You said you always wanted a dog."

     "Yeah, I am," he said, and it was true. For life was about decisions, and he had a pretty good feeling about his one. "I really just wanted a pet. I already have a name planned too."

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✦ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

     "For the last time, we are not naming her Isaiah!"

     Yes, the brilliant name that Josiah the genius had planned was a combination of both of their names: Isaiah. He insisted on the name because he thought it was both cute and representative of their close relationship. Isaac, on the other hand, thought otherwise. They'd been debating for the past thirty minutes.

     "Why not?" he pleaded.

     "Because it makes no sense! It'd be like if named her Bob or something. It's so human that it's unnerving. The thought alone sends chills down my spine."

     "But it's so pretty..." he pouted. "What do you want to name her then? Hmm?"

     Isaac quickly mumbled something incoherent, forcing Josiah to cup his hand around his ear to show that he didn't quite catch what he had said. Isaac scowled. "I said I wanted to name her after one of the planets!" he shouted. "Like Mars...or Saturn...Jupiter..." he mumbled again, face burning hot.

     "Uranus?" Josiah smirked.

     The blonde quickly shook his head. "Not that."

     Josiah finally gave in and stepped closer, pulling Isaac into a warm embrace. "You're so fucking cute when you're flustered."

     Isaac buried his face in his chest, smelling his cologne. "And you're hot when you're stupid."

     "We can decide a name later," he suggested. "One we can both agree on and love."

     The smaller boy nodded in his arms. Though what started off as a simple hug quickly evolved into something more when Josiah felt loose hands roaming along his body. One slipped down to his zipper.

     "What are you doing?" he laughed.

     "Nothing," Isaac whispered, though it was certainly something. He spoke innocently with wide eyes, and if Josiah couldn't feel his own blood rushing down, he wouldn't have believed the guy was this mischievous and cruel. "Just getting the creative juices flowing. For the name of course."

     All of Josiah's previous ideas had left his train of thought once he pulled Isaac into a rough kiss. He backed him into their kitchen countertop, and he practically whimpered when his exposed skin made contact with the cold marble. "Turn around," he said.

     Isaac obeyed, and shivered when Josiah pressed his lips against his ear. "This is your fault."

     He smirked, pushing back against Josiah to create more contact between them. "You always say that."

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✦ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


     They were lying in bed together in an afterglow when Josiah felt a sudden creative spark.

     "Sapphire." he said in the middle of their easing high.


     "Let's name her Sapphire to...you know...go with Jade." Suddenly, he was reluctant to share his idea. "...Keep the whole gemstone trend in the family."

     Family. Josiah regret his choice of words the minute they left his mouth. It was like he was already planning for the future in his head. To his surprise, Isaac didn't avert his gaze out of awkwardness or embarrassment, but instead looked deeper into his eyes.

     "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Isaac's statement was sudden and voice firm, but he could sense fear in the shape of vulnerability.

     Josiah bit his lip to hold back his grin. "I do too."

     "And with Sapphire."

     "Yeah...with Sapphire." The name was another decision he became sure of. A decision he was proud of; he'd never made so many in one day. But, then again, having Isaac by his side made anything possible. It would seem that he could never make the wrong choice with him.

     That's a good thing too, because once again life is built on decisions. Some we love. Others, maybe not so much. However, that's what makes life, well, life. We wouldn't have joy without sadness. Love without hate. Warmth without cold. Purity without sin.

     The dichotomy of life has been touched on many times by many people, but it always feels like hopeless philosophy until experience proves it true. Isaac and Josiah were two people who genuinely believed they'd only ever experience darkness in their lives.

     They were fallen angels. They were their own sin. It would seem that in every way, the universe would be against them.

     And yet, somehow, they were blessed to meet.

- 𝐄𝐍𝐃 -

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