33. Soft Corner

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When something or someone is written in our destiny, you end up being with them despite numerous hurdles. When one wants to be with someone, even if unconsciously, he or she ends up having a soft corner for the person despite having been hurt by him.

It had been a month since she started working in this office. This one month had been so normal yet so much had changed. His presence no longer annoyed her. His gaze no longer intimidated her. His antics no longer gave her a feeling that he was trying to hurt her. His daily rants had become her habit now. His absence gave her a different kind of sadness. She always denied to accept this fact, was another matter.

He was getting mad at those unprofessional girls who thought to bring their ‘caked with makeup’ faces to get a job at Oberoi Industries. More than half the candidates were girls and all they wanted was a glance of the devilishly hot CEO. But more than him, it was Anika who was getting mad. She couldn’t help feeling a pang of jealousy in her heart. Unknown to herself, this female attention Shivaay was getting, was making her insane. How badly she wished to grab those filthy hands of those skinny girls and throw them out herself.

But she had no right to do that, neither on professional level nor on person level. She was a simple employee whose sole work was to run this canteen. How badly she wished that this mad cat wasn’t interviewing those candidates here in this canteen. It was out of her level of understanding why he had spent so much of money to renovate his cabins if he had no wish to use them.

Out of those 90 female candidates, Shivaay could only find eleven girls who were well behaved, efficient and the most important, who were not flirting to make their way to this office. But in all of this annoying fiasco named interview, one thing was giving him satisfaction. Need not be mentioned but still, it was that adorable frown on His Sweebit’s face.

She might say she doesn’t care about his presence or his life, but deep down her heart she likes him. In some corner of her heart she has feelings for him. Now, all he had to do was to bring that soft corner into sight, those feelings to the surface.

Tina kundra was the last candidate he was interviewing. Out of all the previous candidates, this one was a level up in the flirt department. She was more open. By her expressions, her language and her gestures, she was declaring that yes ! I’m flirting with you.

He could’ve shown her the door if he had not seen Anika’s face that was as red as an apple and her eyes and mouth wide open. It wasn’t too difficult to see that Tina’s dress had something to do with such expressions. He smirked as a devilish idea struck his brain. He knew he was playing with fire. He wanted to see what Anika would do if this girl tried to cross her limits with him. He knew that the plan could backfire but if it went well, he could see a furiously adorable Anika infront of him. Who knows she would accept her feelings for him.

He sent a thousand prayers to God for his own well being as he gave a lusty look to Tina. Along with the prayers, he also sent thousands of apologies to his one and only love Anika. Tina, getting her clue, sat a little too close to him on the black couch.

Anika’s mind went numb and then suddenly, rage clawed in. What this girl was trying to do ? Whatsoever it was, she had no right to sit so close to her Shivaay, to look into his kanji eyes, or.. to touch him ? No way !

She wasn’t going to stand in a corner and look at the scenario like a statue. She frowned, she smiled and then smirked as the clock struck 12 pm. In this one month Shivaay’s every habit was embedded in her brain like a permanent tattoo.

She picked the tray up and marched towards the couch. If she had any apprehensions about doing what she was going to do, those flew away as that cheap girl extended her palms to rest on his broad shoulders. She quickened her pace and in a nano second the coffee was spilt all over her dress, a dress that had everything but sufficient cloth to cover her body.

Tina screamed at the top of her voice and left from there giving an angry glare to Anika, but she gave a damn. Anika kept looking in the direction Tina had gone and kept smiling.

She turned towards the food counter and continued her work, as if nothing happened. From the corner of her eyes she could see Shivaay looking at her but thankfully, a few people entered the canteen and he looked away. She was spared the confrontation, for the time being atleast.

For once, luck was on her side because Shivaay had back to back meetings and he was busy in his conference room. If she could delay the confrontation for today, there are chances that he will forget all about it till monday because it was Sunday tomorrow. She was highly mistaken.

It was 8:30 pm when she was cleaning the counter and planning to leave. The ‘not-so-small’ stunt she had pulled today was playing in her mind and she was laughing. She still didn’t know if it was her bravery or stupidity to do what she did.

Only when she felt someone standing closely behind that her train of thoughts stopped. She knew who it was and also, why he was here. Her jealousy had made her blind today and also had given her confidence but now that confidence flew away like a migrating bird.

She was scared, not because she thought he will shout at her. No. He will not, she knew, she just knew. But she was scared that he will notice something she wanted him not to. She was scared that he will make her realise something that she was trying to deny so badly, with all her will power.

“Why did you do that ? Do you even know how I was feeling when Tina was so close to me ? You know, I was feeling so...” Shivaay asked her while he stared straight into her eyes. Those eyes that held fear a minute ago, were now narrowed and spitting fire at him, as if warning him to complete that damn sentence and bear the consequences.

He actually wanted to complete it and wanted to say, “I was feeling so disgusting.” But he didn’t say because it was her anger that was going to bring out the hidden soft corner she had for him.

She pushed him and stepped a little away from him, only to be pulled back with double force. Her back collided with his chest with such force that she felt she had been banged into a wall, though it wasn’t hurting her. His hold on her waist was an indication that she has to answer him. His breathe on her neck was an open challenge for her, that she couldn’t resist his touch. His hand intertwined with hers was a warning, a dare to go away from him. The touch of his lips on the back of her hand was a declaration, that he knows the answer to all his questions even if she’s silent.

He kissed her nape to bring her out of this daze, only if he knew that he was pushing her deeper into the shell named Shivaay. It was a torture for her to bear his closeness when she wants to run away but can’t.

“I’m asking you something, Anika. Why did you do it ?” Shivaay kissed her just behind her ear and she couldn’t utter anytime except ‘hmm’.

“You didn’t like Tina, did you ?” He asked again but got nothing except a hmm. It was making him more and more proud of himself that he could give her such sensations that she forgets to speak.

“You were jealous, weren’t you ?” That was the last nail in the coffin as once again, she hummed and he bit her earlobe teasingly. That sudden nibble brought her out of her dreamland and she turned around, only to see him standing at a distance, with that famous victory smirk on his face.

She wished to reverse the time and erase all the things he said and she hummed in response. But it was too late. She had no arguments in her defence, her mind was in a haze, her cheeks were burning due to blushing, her whole body was shivering in a pleasant way.

She was so happy when he turned around to leave. It was surprising that he was leaving this battle in the middle despite knowing he had won. But what he said before exiting the canteen, cleared her confusion and left her amused and shocked.

“You didn’t want to, but you’ve developed a soft corner for me.”


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