XXXV. A Heart Full Of Hate

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Chapter Thirty Five

I slowly walk down the white spiraling steps, already hearing Alex's voice before I reach the lab. I find that he and Khari are sitting near the glass walls, talking to each other about their wedding without taking their eyes off of Analiese for one moment.

"Shuri said blue would be a good color for flowers. Do we even want flowers?"

Khari shrugs. "I'm fine with flowers if that's what you want. I definitely don't want a flower archway like she suggested."

"Agreed. Though I think her suggestion of getting married next to the lake where we met is cute."

Khari smiles softly, lost in thought. The look he gives Alex tells me he probably just imagined having their wedding there. I can tell he means it when he says; "I think that's a perfect idea."

Alex glances over my direction, giving me a wide smile. "How's my favorite fossil doing this evening?"

I glare at him. "I'm here to take over watch duty."

Khari stands up, gripping Alex's hand and pulling him to his feet. As he approaches me, he drops his voice lower, glancing back at Analiese. "She hasn't moved or said a word. I asked if she was hungry a couple times but she just ignored me. You should probably get her to eat something at some point."

I look over to the table Analiese is still laying on, with the blue glow of the radiation becoming more prominent as the sun begins to set. I nod my head to Khari, not taking my eyes off her. "Lena is at your parent's house right now. They want you two to go there for dinner."

Khari gives me a sad smile. "I wish you could join us."

I give him a genuine smile, as well as a reassuring nod. "I'll be fine. Just make sure Lena doesn't worry too much while I'm gone. I want her to enjoy herself and relax now that this is coming to an end."

"She wants you to do the same. As do we," Khari tells me, elbowing Alex. He hasn't been focusing on us the whole time, so when Khari snaps him back into reality, he simply nods his head in agreement, not knowing at all what he's agreeing to. "My parents will worry if we're late. You let us know if something happens and we'll be back here immediately."

Alex tilts his head, raising his eyebrows. "Well it will take Khari a while to get here but Soroya and I would be here immediately. Wings are faster than legs."

Khari rolls his eyes. "Lets go. James, please be careful."

I nod, watching them pass by me. Khari and Alex continue their wedding planning as they walk up the stairs, disappearing from sight after a few moments. I refocus my attention on Analiese, walking over to Shuri's work counter and taking one of the stools. I pull it up right next to the table Analiese lays on, being able to see her face fully, see the look of pure hatred fill her eyes.

"I was wondering when those two would leave," She says, sounding very annoyed. "They wouldn't shut up about cake flavors and seating arrangements."

I sit down on the stool, crossing my arms. "They're excited to spend their lives together. You could never understand how that feels."

"And you can?"

"Yes. Yes I can."

Analiese stares at me for a moment before beginning to chuckle. Amusement fills her features and the rage slowly slips away. Her voice sounds ironic as she says; "When I heard The Savage was dating the Winter Soldier I didn't believe it. I thought it must be some casual sex arrangement and nothing more. But after being around her for a week and seeing you're actually in love. How ironic."

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