XXXIII. What Makes You A Hero

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Chapter Thirty-Three

"You were held here for seventy years?" Khari asks, shock and sorrow filling his voice.

I glance over at Bucky, seeing him look extremely tense, but he manages a nod. I slip my hand into his, knowing that being back here can't be easy for him. Especially since the last time he was here he fought Tony with Steve.

"Come on," He says stiffly. "Let's get in our positions."

We walk towards the front entrance, with my hand still in his as we enter into the dark deserted base. Alex and Khari go into opposite doors in the main hall; they will be the ones to alert us she's here, as well as make sure she can't escape this way. Rhodey is on the roof. Nakia is guarding the east exit right next to the cryo chambers. That's where we found bits of broken apart metal and dried up blood. When I saw the look on Bucky's face I knew this was probably where the fight happened with Tony. But the cryo chamber room was clearly a victim of that fight as well, and it's where Bucky, Scott, and I will be.

Scott looks around at the dead winter soldiers, saying to himself; "This is creepy, gross, and cool all at once. So, where do you want me to be?" He asks, turning to me.

I nod to the empty cryo chamber. "How about you wait on top of that. Do you need help getting up there?"

He nods, putting his helmet on. "Just pick me up and lift me up as high as you can. I'll be able to jump from your palm to the top of the...the people freezer."

With a nod to me, he shrinks down. I bend down to the ground, opening my palm for him to get into. Once I see him in there, I walk towards the chamber and lift him up as far as I can, which isn't very high. He jumps up and almost misses the top of the chamber, saying to me through the coms; "You couldn't reach a little further?"

I roll my eyes. "I can't help that I'm short, Scott. Just stay up there until I give the signal."

I turn back to Bucky, finding him eyeing the cryo chamber with a dazed look in his eyes. I touch his metal hand and see him flinch slightly, pulling himself from his thoughts. I give him a small smile. "Are you gonna be alright being in here again?"

He shakes his head. "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Remember I'll be in the next hall. You just say the word and we'll all be here. She won't take you again."

I lean my forehead against his, letting out a deep sigh. He cups my face gently, brushing his metal thumb over my cheek and gently brushing his nose with mine. I see his jaw tighten as he pulls away from me, letting go of my face and making his way to the other hall. He'll be the one to alert me when she's about to come into the room; he has clear view of the entrance to the cryo chamber room.

"So, can Remington only see us but not smell us and hear us? How does this serum stuff work?"

The serum Shuri made to mask all of their scents was put on them right before we left. Scott didn't understand the scientific explanation Shuri gave for the serum. Quite frankly neither did I, but I got the finer points.

"The serum only masks your scents, so please stay still up there, Scott. And quiet."

"I can handle shutting up for a little while. You let me know the second you need help, okay? Just remember I'm right here."

I smile towards the cryo chamber, not being able to see him from where I stand. "Thanks, Scott."

We painted the message yesterday, so by now she has definitely seen it. All we have to do is wait for her to come, which I'm guessing won't take more than a couple more hours. I know the commitment and anger that flows through her right now. Nothing will stop her from a chance at getting me again.

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