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When we arrived at the panel, the room was packed.

My heart was beating like crazy. The nerves came out of nowhere, but they took over my entire body.

Chase must have noticed the sudden change in my mood and did his best to comfort me.

Before i knew it, it was time to go on stage.
Me and Chase shared a quick hug before walking out on stage to thousands of cheering fans.

When the fans saw me and Chase walk out at the same time they began to cheer.
"Chenzie! Chenzie!"

i tried my hardest not to blush as i walked over to my stool where everyone else was sitting.

We began to talk about our lives and how playlist was going until the announcer said it was time for some questions.

Fans immediately got ready to ask us questions. the first one was from a little girl, and it was for Avani.

"How did you meet payton?"

Avani already knew what to say, "actually, Kenzie introduced us," she said pointing to me, "payton and kenzie had been friends since birth and when i met Kenzie in 3rd grade we got close and she then introduced me to payton. Me and payton didn't start to have feelings for each other until much later though,"

Avani and payton shared a smile.

An older girl then decided to ask a question, "Hey i'm Haley,"

She immediately had my undivided attention. I recognized that voice anywhere. It was her, my ex best friend. The one my boyfriend had gotten pregnant.

I clutched the side of my chair in order to steady myself.

"My question is for Mackenzie," haley started straight at me

"So does Chase know about your boyfriend?" she asked sarcastically.

the room exploded with frantic cry's from fans.

i tried to respond, but wasn't able to get anyone's attention. I coughed into the microphone. all eyes were on me. Especially Chase's as he watched my every movement.

I spoke slowly and carefully, "I'm sorry, but i don't know what you're talking about."

Haley already had a response prepared,
"James, obviously."

I could see Chase relax in his chair. He knew the truth about James and could tell Haley was just trying to dig at me.

"Me and James are no longer together. We ended things a long time ago." i responded immediately.

Chase then opened his mouth to speak, "and to answer your question haley, i do know about James, and all the terrible things he did to Kenzie." Chase paused to see if Haley dared to combat him. She didn't say a word.

"ok, well next question," payton said trying to break the tension.

A boy this time came up.
"My question is for Kenzie as well."

i cleared my throat and prayed to myself this would be an easy question.

"So," he paused, "does this mean your single?" he said while smirking.

A jealous looked appeared across Chase's face. He tried his best to hide it but he couldn't fool me.

I smiled slightly as i answered the question,
"I'm currently not looking for any other relationships at the moment, I'm happy with where i am right now,"

I gave Chase a sly wink, he smiled back.

The boy looked defeated, yet he took my response and sat down.

The rest of the panel went without a hitch, by the time we were finished i was starving, and so was everyone else.

We all agreed on a restaurant and then piled into an uber.

When we got at the restaurant we tried to find a booth that would fit us all, but came up unsuccessful. So we smooshed a bunch of tables together and started looking at menus.

The night was filled with laughter, and in that moment i realized these people were my family now. I smiled to myself, as i thought about all the memories i had with them, and all the ones that were to come.

then we heard the door of the restaurant open we all looked over to see who had arrived. Immediately everyone's eyes went from the door to me.

Haley, James, and their friends walked into the restaurant and then approached our table.

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