Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

What is important is for you to know my quirk. My quirk is Music. Basically I can make music out of thin air and use it in different ways. Some are which I can control it to control other people and hurt them. The Drawback is I have to listen to music before after and sometimes while using it. Some people are scared of me using objects while using my quirk but who can really blame me. I am just surprised they haven't ask what my secondary gender is.

So the alphas are Jiro, Toru, Kacchan, Kirishima, Iida, Aoyama, Koda, Asui, Shoji, and Todoroki. For the Betas it is just Mineta and Sato. Omegas are Me, Momo, Tokoyami, Denki, Uraraka, Ojiro, Sero, and Mina. At the moment we are all in the lounge room talking well some are but I am kinda getting annoyed that Momo is trying to get Jiro to be her mate and if she is supposed to be with her. "Ok everyone get in a circle and have Jiro and Momo stand in the middle to see if they are fated mates." Why did you have to say that Uraraka.

When everyone was around the two I saw Jiro look at me with I bit of a sad expression about something. "Guys I know she isn't my fated mate so is any other this we have to do." Then everyone except for me said yes. Momo just pulled Jiro into a kiss and when nothing happened I just went to my room and started listening to sad songs. Yes I have to listen to songs that reflect my emotions if I don't feel them at that time. After awhile I heard a knock on my door so I quickly dried my tears and opened the door.

I was surprised it was Uraraka and she just tried to kiss me but I pushed her out of my room and closed the door then changed the type of some that I was listening to. Two hours later I felt my heat starting up so I quickly toke one of my pills. I then just laied on my bed trying not to feel hot and needy. I am just happy that we have scent proof rooms. Soon of course I heard another knock on my door but this time I used the peck hole.

I was kinda but not really surprised it was Jiro that was at the door but I still opened it. "Hi Midoriya I just didn't want to see if Momo was my mate because I was kinda thinking you were." "How did you know tho that I am an omega." She then crossed her arms an looked at me that said really. "I know when you hide your scent and have your heat like right now." "I-I didn't know that really." I then looked at the ground and moved so Jiro can come intot he room. Which she did and sat on my bed and I sat by her still looking at the ground.

She then pulled me into a kiss and I couldn't help but melt into it. When we parted there was a glow and then a diamond on our cheek. "Looks like I am right." I just blushed and leaned into her touch. She then went closer to my ear. "Also you don't have to to take your pill to hide your scent anymore my little omega." It just sent shivers down my spin and I just showed my scent gland to her. "Ok alpha." I know she smiled and moved my shirt down my shoulder and licked me then started to bite down. Since I am in my heat at the moment I just moaned while I was being marked as her mate.

I know she drew blood and lick it to heal the wound a little. She then put the shirt back to where it was and I just turned to face her and started to nuzzle my face into alpha's neck. "Want to just snuggled for the moment." "Ya I want to alpha." She then laied us onto my bed snuggling and listening to the same music that was on. She then started to pet my hair once we got comfy. "I will be here when you wake up since I know once omegas and alphas mate they both get tired." I nodded and soon we where both sleeping.

Soon it was the morning and I felt a heat wave going to hit me soon. I feel like I can't move to take my birth control so I have to wake up alpha. "Alpha wake up I need your help." She of course woke up once I said that and kisssed my forehead. "What do you need help with Izu." "I feel like I can't move and I need to take my birth control pill." "Ok." She then helped me sit up and went to get the pill and water. She soon came back and I quickly toke the pill right after I swallowed it my heat wave hit. Which made me start panting.

"Alpha I want you." "Oh Izu." She then started to scent me and I just melted into her touch. I know it is easy to send an alpha into rut but I wanted to have her get it one her own not by me forcing it. "Izu what are we going to do since we are supposed to have school today." I just looked at her and then nuzzled my face to her scent gland. Of course we just ended up staying in my room snuggling.

We soon heard a knock on the door and I just snuggled closer to Alpha. She started to hold me in a protective way and growled at the door. "Who is it." "It is just me Principle Nezu and Aizawa." She looked at me and I just held onto her tightly. "Come in then." I am really scared that she won't be able to hold me the whole time.

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