Chapter Sixty Four

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I drifted into the land of the living, first my nose taking in the scents of our floral scented linen and Blayze.
Then my hands, arm's, torso and leg's made me aware that my naked body was comfortably warm and tangled up with Blayze's equally naked limbs.
Out the window's, I could hear the odd warble of native bird's and the distant cry of Grandma's resident Rooster, 'Wrestler'.
A name like that comes about when my Kid Sibling's and Cousin's catch the Rooster mating the Hen's.
My ear's registered the soft drone of the lounge room television, the volume barely at an audible level through the bedroom wall's and the closed door.
Somebody must be up...
Cracking my eyes open millimetre by millimetre, I came to realise that morning light filtered in through the gap's in and around our drawn curtains, meaning it made sense that somebody was up.
It was Sunday morning.
My first morning as a Married Woman!
This afternoon Blayze and I would catch our Outback plane to Adelaide airport.
From there we would travel South and spend the night in a Bed And Breakfast in Normanville.
Tomorrow morning we would board the Ferry for our getaway on Kangaroo Island!
While I felt excited, there was also an anxious pang in my heart over the idea of us leaving Luka, Brodie and Dale behind for a week!
Blayze's shift in breathing informed me that he was waking up too and I couldn't help but smile.
Our first morning waking up together as Husband and Wife!
One of his hands slid up my side, awakening the nerves under my skin.
He shifted on the mattress and I turned my head to find his beautiful blue-green eyes already watching me.
I whispered, my skin tingling and my smile growing.
"Well, this is a tradition I vote we lock in."
Blayze stated, his eyes sparkling and the side of his hand just barely rubbing against the underside of my left breast while his palm and fingertips caressed my ribs.
I pulled the sheet and blanket up over my shoulder's against the chill in the air and snuggled in closer to Blayze's warmth.
"Waking up naked?"
I guessed, not even bothering to try and hide my amusement.
The twinkle in Blayze's eyes intensified and his smile widened.
He nodded.
Trying to stifle my giggle, I bit into my bottom lip.
"I actually meant 'waking up to your beautiful face for the rest of my life'."
Blayze told me.
My silly heart skipped a beat and I held onto my next breath, waiting for what else he had up his sleeve this morning.
His hand slipped around to my front and he cupped my breast, making me gasp out my baited breath.
"If we can lock in being naked every morning sounds good too."
He whispered.
I opened my mouth to answer him, but his thumb found my apparently already straining nipple and an electric current shot straight down my spine.
The words I'd been getting ready to say flew out the window.
I grasped his face and pulled him in for a hungry kiss.
His mouth immediately opened to me and our tongue's fought to take the lead.
My blood was simmering.
"No! Luka, don't go down there!"
"No! No, no, no!"
A slightly muffled version of our Toddler's voice replied.
I pulled away from Blayze and looked towards our closed bedroom door.
It was definitely shut, which meant Luka couldn't let himself in.
However, at the rate in which the not even two year old was growing, I was fairly certain it wouldn't be very long at all before he was opening the inside door's in our home!
Blayze groaned.
Out the corner of my eye, I saw him bury his face into his pillow.
"Want some breakfast buddy?"
A slightly muffled version of Noah's voice asked.
Luka's voice replied.
Blayze sighed.
"Look's like we're on duty."
I told Blayze, pushing myself up so I was sitting.
"Let Codie and Noah handle it."
He grumbled.
I smacked his shoulder.
"They, along with my Family, are going to be looking after all three of our Kid's for the next week!"
I reminded him.
With a dramatic sigh, Blazye rolled onto his back.
I slipped out my side of the bed and quickly tracked down some underwear and track pants and one of Blayze's hoodies, a dark blue R.M. William's one with a silver longhorn printed across the chest.
"My new jumper? Really?"
Left hand on our bedroom door handle, I half turned around to give Blayze an attempt at an innocent smile.
"What's your's is mine, now, remember?"
He rolled his eyes, then pulled a black hoody with a lime green Bullzye stamped across the chest over his head.
"Like that's not already been the case for the last two years according to you?"
He retorted.
I blew him a kiss, pulled the door open and slipped out into the hallway.

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