In Eden

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0001 Heaven

"Let me show you something, Azymisiel." Remp said, taking the fledgling by the hand. Remph knew without his small interference, Azymisiel would not be ready for what is to come in the coming years.

It was his sworn duty to prepare the young archangel for what he would have to face in his future. Mistakes would be made, as children do often make; but he would guide his charge always, even as the fledgling felt he was adult enough not to need him.

"Can Pura come?" Azymisiel asked eagerly, bouncing on his heels. The elder angel startled from his inner monologue. Remph thought it over briefly, calculating the outcomes of the squirrel-hybrid tagging along. "No, but Nevaeh can come." he replied.

Azymisiel whistled sharply. The dappled Heavenhound burst through the clouds to their right, tossing his head. Nevaeh padded over to Azymisiel and Remph, nuzzling the smaller angel. Azymis laughed, kissing his furry cheek.

Remph lifted up the Archangel and placed him on Nevaeh's back.

"Where we goin'?"

"Eden. The Garden of Paradise." Remph answered. Azymisiel's eyes lit up in excitement. "Eden! That place on Earth Daddy created for the humans! I've wanted to go to Earth for centuries!"

"I know. You should be able to see it, it'd do you some good."

Remph unfurled his wings and took off. Nevaeh followed suit, trailing behind him. Azymisiel held on to the Heavenhound's mane, grinning widely.

Pillowly white clouds whipped past them quickly, and Azymisiel watched them raptly, so he didn't notice them passing from Heaven to Earth's Atmosphere. Otherwise, he would have seen the entrance of the wormhole they went through.


The first sight of Eden is one Azymisiel will never forget. From above, the green of the plants and the bright colors were as bright as freshly shined jewels. The animals looked like small toys and the streams look like ribbons left on the ground.

He felt at peace immediately, like he'd finally came home. This feeling wasn't something he'd ever felt before but he loved it, what ever it was. Had he mentioned it to the Angel of Time, the elder would have been hard pressed to find an answer that would placate the archangel without telling him the truth.

When they landed, it looked even more beautiful to Azymis than anything he'd ever seen.

"Wow." he said in awe, jumping off of his Heveanhound's back. Nevaeh sniffed at his archangel before wandering off.

The Archangel's feet touched the ground and sudden sensations flooded through his very being. He could feel every single animal around him and the love his brother Ariel put into the scenery.

"You like it?" Remph asked. "No," the archangel gave the fledgling an incredulous look. He turned around to face his older brother. "I LOVE it! It's so beautiful Remph!" Azymis yelled, grinning.

Remph relaxed, glad to hear that response. A small hand grabbed his and pulled him forward, deeper into the garden.

"C'mon Remph!"

Azymis wanted to explore this brand new world that made his very core sing with exultation.

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