Part 2

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Like really? How hard do you go? Do you leave it all on the floor? I definitely did last night. I say if you're gonna do something, you gotta do it! A, homie, Imma fuck around and say go for broke if you're really having a good time! Honestly, you gotta look at it like this...what are you really about? When it comes to the rage, most people start it off with the casual drinking...what one must ask himself (the intrinsic rage in all of us) how far is one willing to go tonight. Most people just shoot for a drink limit and quit there. I know a few others that just want to get a nice little buzz going before resorting to cigarettes, cigars, weed, or whatever the nuance is...whilst others that I know simply can't handle the rage and they are going big or going home each and every day think to pick up their pitcher. The white collar goon said it best when he claimed to never pull punches but rather have a pulled pint. It's funny to me because now that I think about it, I had a homegirl in Thailand that had an "alternative identity" whenever she got drunk and referred to herself as Penny. I'm lowkey smiling like shit as I'm writing this because every time Penny came out, it was a NIGHT! It is the effects of alcohol that lowers inhibitions and as my alchemist homeboy would call it, the truth serum....drinking definitely gets you a totally different side of an individual. Next time you are drinking, first think to yourself, am I planning on getting drunk today?? And if so, how drunk am I trying to get? Is it like a midday bottle of wine type of ordeal that somehow led me to this happy that is serving 5 dollar Bloody Mary's...Or are you the classy/sophisticated drinker who only sips his beverages in red solo cups and purchases the prestigious brands of Keystone, Natty Light, and Mad Dog 20X20....Regardless of the lifestyle that you claim to lead, if it has to do with alcohol consumption, chances are I might know a thing or two about it....I will end by saying know your spectrum and perhaps brace your constituents with your transitional phases of faces because some of us have names for our various "faces" or identities that we keep "hidden" or restrained from the average person but once the potion hits that'll soon know what type of individual you are dealing with....Cheers

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