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Virgil frowned as he stood there frozen in place. He had just gone for a walk. He had offered to help Patton with his first Pet adoption event and Virgil's nerves were shaking due to Roman also being there. The darker boy really just expected to go for a short walk with Blue and calm down. However, like with EVERY single time he walks, he was found... this time instead of the usual rabbits, birds, and dear... this time it was a dog... a puppy to be exact. Blue tweeted in Virgil's ear making the boy narrow his eyes in thought. He took a deep breath before going to his knees and offering the tiny thing a soft smile as it jumped around with pure excitement.

"Hey, there little one." The sweet little puppy yipped and barked as hit tried to jump onto Virgil's lap only to tumble over making Virgil worried. "Be careful... You're too small for that." Virgil picked the small one up and narrowed his eyes. It was really small... None of the pups coming from the shelter were going to be this tiny. Unless... There was some Patton didn't know about. "Where'd you come from, little one?" The pup tilted it's head yipping again before kicking about until it wormed it's way enough to give Virgil some kisses. Blue tweeted again and Virgil sighed. 

"I don't know, Blue." The bird glared over at the boy as he held the pup close. "I can't keep it." Blue just rolled his eyes making Virgil frown. "Not going to happen, Blue. I already have..." Virgil froze up as his familiar started chirping sharply. "Seriously? Why should I hold onto it? Patton's literally running an event..." Blue wasn't having it. The puppy yipped again as Blue paused to listen. Virgil could tell they talking but it was still hard for him to understand his familiar. He had a while to go before he'd be able to understand completely. Blue turned back to Virgil and shot him this look. "No, I do understand. You're saying I have to hold on to him until he finds someone but..."

"How about this..." Virgil shifted the puppy so that he could hold it like a baby as he spoke to his bird. "Why don't we take the pup to the event... and if Pat can't find it a home then I'll watch over it." The pup yipped again and the bird nodded making Virgil smile. "Ok then... let's get going." Virgil froze up a bit as the pup looked up with glittering eyes. Blue sang in his ears and Virgil laughed as he petted the pup. "He does look like a prince doesn't he? Ok then... I'm gonna call you Prince." The puppy was so ecstatic he was flopping about in Virgil's arms as the boy laughed. "Ok. Ok. Ok... let's get going, we're already running late."

"Virgil, oh my god! Thank god you're here!" Virgil tensed as Patton literally screamed out for him. "THEY HAVE KITTENS TOO!" Virgil smirked as he shook his head at Patton's over-excitement. The moral prince was like a kid one Christmas. Or at least what Virgil assumed that would be like. He's never had a christmas... he doesn't know what it's like really. The point is Patton was hyper and smiley. Virgil placed the tiny puppy on the ground as he walked over to Pat with a smile. "Look... see. Aren't they so cute?" Virgil sighed happily as he let one of his hands reach out towards the kittens only for them to start toppling over each other for his attention. Patton laughed as Virgil pet a few before backing up. "Animals sure do like you." Virgil nodded as he felt the puppy scratching at him.

"Yeah. You could say that." Virgil looked down at the puppy who was just staring up at him sadly and he frowned. "What's up Prince?" The pup yip drawing Patton's attention to it. Virgil picked him up again laughing as the pup started to give him kisses again as Patton just stared with confusion.

"Virgil, where'd you find..."

"Hey, Pat, sorry I'm late." Virgil froze as he looked over to see Roman standing there. As soon as their eyes met Roman sighed and looked away, making Virgil's chest tight. "I uh... I see Virgil's already here.

"Yeah. I am... and I was just leaving." Roman's eyes shot up as Virgil waved them both off. He said he would help but he wasn't going to deal with this. At the very least he could do something with advertisements.

"Virgil wait!" Roman's voice rang through the space as Virgil slowed to a stop. Prince fussed in his arms as Virgil shook his head. "Don't go." Roman reached out grabbing Virgil's arm as he tried to calm his own nerves. "I'm sorry a-about the other day. I shouldn't 've..."

"Stop Roman." Virgil frowned as he could feel his chest hurting. "I already told you it's fine. I'm just going to... advertise or whatever." Roman looked back over at Patton who just gestured him on as Virgil glanced back at the other. "I'm not mad. I promise."

"Then let me join you." 

"No." Roman's grip tightened on Virgil's arm until he sighed and slowly let go. Virgil frowned as he turned to face the prince with narrowed eyes. "Patton's going to need help."

"Don't worry about me kiddo. Emile and Remus are coming too." Patton giggled as he shook his head. "Which means Remy and Deceit are too. You two go on and I'll see you later." Virgil seemed to deflate as he turned around.

"Ok." Virgil didn't say anything else. He just walked off holding Prince tightly as Blue flew after them. Roman followed in silence narrowing his eyes a tiny puppy pushed himself up onto Virgil's shoulders and just seemed to smile at Roman. When did Virgil get a... "Prince?" Virgil paused as the puppy started yipping. Blue tweeted at Virgil who eyes darted to Roman going wide. "Oh... I see." Virgil looked down at the puppy before letting it down and just watched as he ran over to Roman yipping happily. Virgil couldn't help but smile.

"Virgil?" Roman shot the darker a look as he picked the little thing up. It was so small and cute. A tiny itty bitty little teacup beagle. He pawed at Roman's chest as he tried to give him kisses. "When did you get a puppy?"

"I didn't. Prince found me." Roman's eyes went wide as Virgil smiled over at them. "He found me... because I'd bring him to you... according to blue anyway."

"What are you talking about?" Virgil laughed as Roman started to absentmindedly scratch the puppies ear. 

"Prince found me so that I would take him to you... He wanted you." Roman's eyes narrowed in confusion as Virgil just waved him off. "Have fun with your familar Roman."


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