Chapter 2: Nice Person

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Chapter 2: 

“No” I screamed. Everyone turned around in their seats. “Can please just do the project by myself”. Ms. Nazca lifted her drawn on eyebrow. “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone always got what they wanted. Lower your voice , Steven will be your partner no exceptions. Plus Steven is a nice boy.”
Was that a compliment?
“What?” I sat there shocked as Ms. Nazca walked away. Steven stood up and plopped into the seat by me whilst putting an arm around my shoulder.
“Well since you were absent yesterday. I told Ms. Nazca being the nice person that I am, that I would be your lab partner”.
 I tried to shake his arm off of me. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”
Steven glowered and I let out a whimper as his nails dug into my skin.
“Deal with it hon.”

After class Krystelle and Camille ran up to me.
“Oh my God Silver are you okay?”
“I meant to tell you this morning ”
I put up my hand signaling that I had enough. “It’s okay. It’s only for one week. If I can handle Steven for one year, I can handle him for one week. Ill see you guys at lunch.”
Camille and Krystelle nodded. We had only 1st and 6th period together, which we were all upset about. But we made it imperative to always sit together at lunch.

 I headed to my second/third period, which was study hall, and made it to the library.

“Hey Ms. Jackson” I said greeting the librarian. She looked up and smiled at me, while continuing to type on the computer. “Hello Silver, would you be a doll and reshelf these books”  Her eyes indicated the cart piled high with books.
I really want to take a nap
“Sure” I said and grabbed the cart.

I put my headphones in and Evanescence Bring me to Life played loudly. I hummed along and weaved through the aisles putting books in their designated spots. Occasionally I would stop and read the back of a book that seemed interesting. I turned into the folklore section and began putting books about witches , warlocks, and werewolves on the shelves. I smirked at a book entitled “Spells to make him love you”, I shook my head and was about to place it on the shelf, when I saw an eyeball.
I screamed.
“Silver its just me Steven.” He came around into the my aisle with his hands up. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”
I held a hand to my chest. “What the hell Steven? What is your problem? Do you even have study hall this period.” I shut off my ipod and put it in my pocket.
“No I have Gym. I just really needed to talk to you Silver.”
I sighed. “Go on.”
“Silver I love you. You are my first and only love and I will never let you go. It kills me to know that we are not together and that any guy could come along and take you away from me. I know I could be an asshole sometimes and I’m sorry. But I felt that the only way to keep you in my life was to control every little thing.” He moved closer and grabbed my hands. “I’m sorry for that night Silver, and I promise I will never hit you again. Please forgive me.”
Tears came to my eyes as I remembered our last night together as a couple. 
It was time to put that behind me and move on.
“I forgive you."
“You won't regret this, now how about afterschool you come over to my house so we can work on the project”

I nodded and with a curt glance back at Steven began to finish reshelf the books.

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