Chapter 13 - Derek knows best

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Chapter 13

Lana's POV

I may have been suffering from self-esteem issues, but what Pete said still processed in my brain, and involuntarily I blushed, and looked away from his stunning brown eyes, and into the becoming-familiar sparkling greens ones of Elliot. Not surprisingly he was smirking, but once he caught onto the fact I wasn't playing, he didn't stop smirking, but he did turn to Pete and make him stop hitting on me, for which I was grateful.

"Hey, dude. Don't go hitting on my best friend! Not cool, man!" I smiled as Elliot said 'best friend', because I had hoped that that was what me and Elliot were - best friends.

I could see a little group of us forming, me and Leon, and Elliot and Pete. It would be great!

Pete shot me an apologetic smile, and said jokingly: "Sorry, Lana, it's not every day you meet a girl as pretty as you who wouldn't want to go out with this." He gestured to himself. Once again I blushed, dang him for making me blush, AGAIN! Then I realised what he had said, and rolled my eyes at him, my cheeks still slightly pink. He had a huge ego.

Although Elliot had said I could trust him, and I felt comfortable around him, he needed to earn MY trust before I would talk to him.

"So," Pete started, talking to Elliot and I together. "What lessons do you have next?"

Elliot glanced at me, and I understood what he was asking. I nodded my head slightly, and he turned to Pete and answered for both of us.

"We have History next, you?"

Pete shot me a suspicious look as to why I didn't answer, but I was used to it, and he dismissed it quickly before answering Elliot's question.

"Same, who do you have?"

"Miss. Saunders, you?"


This was a really awkward conversation, and lacking in enthusiam. I could tell that Leon was missing from our group, because he would be the one cracking jokes, and easing the tension.

Speak of the devil and the devil shall arrive was a suitable saying for that moment, as no sooner had I thought the thought (that sounds so weird!), Leon walked, no burst through the door, a look of panick on his face.

He frantically scanned the room, before finally spotting me in the corner, and his seemed to relax a lot. His face became calmer, and his muscles loosened. Not that he looked bad with tensed muscles.

'You can't think these sorts of things about him, he is your best friend!'

'So, doesn't that give me a right?'

'No fool, that's if he is your boyfriend!'

'OH! Oops....'

'Yes oops! Now get back to thinking about Zac!'

'What about Pete? Can I think about him?'

'If you must!'


Leon made his way over to me, in no great hurry, and plonked down on the bed next to me. Unfortunately, that action made the whole bed wobble, and disturb my now very broken ankle, causing me to wince in pain.

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