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He was fortuitous that the mountains allowed him to go through and not close off the path. He would have been cornered as the mountains are like the barriers between his village and what trails behind it. And it would have been discouraging to know he couldn't get across. He was alive and that's what mattered. He now needed to work out where he was. He forced his through the bushes. His legs were almost numb and he was breathing heavy. But he felt a rush of excitement and this energy of excitement kept him going. One of the branches whacked him by the cheeks due to his clumsiness. That didn't seem to bother him, he just needed to get passed. It was like being in a crowd.

So what trailed behind the mountains? A bunch of trees, more bushes, there were also tall concrete buildings. Not the kind of buildings you'll find in cities. And there was also snow. Snow? sure it was cold but it was autumn. Not so cold for snow. And the trees would be bare with no leaves. It was such a weird atmosphere he began questioning himself.

He wasn't left in his thoughts for so long. Loud noises startled him. They sounded like fireworks at first and the colours convinced him that they were. But of course, they weren't. He heard blows and crashes in the distance. It was all happening behind the tall buildings. He could see the colours flickering or flashing. Purple, red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Every time you saw orange, a burst of explosions erupted. It was almost like lightning and thunder. He was certain he also saw a girl in a green bubble and a boy on a flying hoop. He realised what type of place he was in and began to feel apprehensive. They were so high up, what if they saw him? He was far away but you never know, what if they had supervision? what if they had the power to be invisible and there were other astros around as well?

He treaded onwards looking around carefully. He was so focused on trying to not be discovered that when he saw a shadow leaping off the buildings he couldn't think of anything else but to hide in the hole in front of him.

He was glad that the hole wasn't deep and damp. The dirt was soft as well as hard. So it didn't take to much effort to stick his foot in the sides of the hole and the dirt didn't crumble when he put pressure on it to climb out. He thought maybe it was best to stay as he wasn't sure if the shadow was gone and the explosions didn't stop. He would wait till he couldn't hear anything anymore.


He finally dared to get out and as soon as he did, he quickly scurried to the tree in front of him. Still trying so hard to not be seen. Like he had the power to be invisible. He was convincing himself and this figure convinced him even more. The shadow he saw earlier.

Already he didn't like the idea of hearing noises that sounded like a fight was happening. The vision gave him a very horrible one. It pained him already to imagine it. To imagine what could've happened and to believe whatever did happen was the raw truth and not a beautiful lie. What he had to do now was to speak to one of them. To know if they would help or even let him stay. He needed to do it even if they looked threatening and shooting daggers from their eyes.

Like they wanted to kill you.

The shadow now became a figure. It landed swiftly yet smoothly to the ground from those buildings. He saw strings or ribbons that contracted after expanding then disappeared. It seemed to have come from their hands. The figure was so close towards him yet he still remained unnoticed. He did feel invisible. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. If it had noticed him he wouldn't be the one coming forward but it seemed like he had to.

The figure became much clearer to him in the light. Although it wasn't facing towards him, he was still able to make out what it was. He knew it must be a woman or a teenage girl. A very tall one in fact. He never liked tall people. He wasn't the average height for a boy his age so it was overwhelming. Tall people were like tall towers that loomed over you. If they were to pick you up and then release you, you would feel like you fell off a building. The astro had very scruffy, chaotic, black hair. Small, curly strands would poke out in different places. She wore a woolly cardigan and loose tracksuit bottoms. All dark. It looked comfy.

She seemed to be heading towards the area where he first heard the noises. Was she meeting more astros? That's not what he wanted to happen. He only dared himself to meet one of them first. To see what they were like. He didn't feel comfortable meeting anymore. He just didn't like it. He was treading on snow to concrete. He looked to his left and saw behind the trees there wasn't any snow. He wanted to know why. He also wanted to know if the girl was deaf. He wasn't good at being quiet. Couldn't she hear his footsteps? if she was deaf how the heck was he supposed to explain anything to her. Or maybe she wasn't deaf, she was intentionally ignoring him but that didn't seem right. Why would she do that?

She stopped in her tracks and slightly moved her head towards her shoulder. He didn't like that. She still had her back facing towards him and she didn't even make eye contact. She then carried on walking. It was obvious that she was intentionally ignoring him. He thought that was rude. He wanted to know why she did that. Could it also mean she doesn't mind? was that a good sign?

It didn't take her long to get to her destination. And now she was waiting for them. At least she wasn't meeting up with them straight away. He was hoping she'd communicate with him but there was no hope for that. It made him feel awkward that she wouldn't even acknowledge him. Impatience made him tug on her cardigan. Still trying to get her attention but she ignored him so well. Her response to the tugging was lazy and unpredictable. She didn't question anything. She still wasn't looking at him. She placed her face in her hands and massaged her forehead and between her eyes and nose. He didn't get why she was doing that. Was she tired?

Finally, she looked at him. Her face expression was nothing but he tried to interpret it to anything. Her nonchalant appearance and her fathomless eyes didn't help him much but it did give him a very strong, negative feeling.

Those eyes shot through him. Those amber ones. They were radiant yet dull. He never saw such an eye colour before. He never saw such a look so close up. He tried to look away but he couldn't. He felt like the eyes were shooting him down. Maybe they were. He wasn't sure what she was thinking and he didn't think he'd ever find out but to him. To Neo.

He thought she was going to kill him.


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