A baby?

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     Life back on track, Boog back working and everything been going smooth

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     Life back on track, Boog back working and everything been going smooth. Kross getting big I cant believe I got a son still on hood and his first words was "dada" a few weeks ago, Boog swore it was gone be "mama" or some shit. I was doing a few tweaks finishing up my album, Tanisha got arrested for a DUI plus a hit and run. She can never get shit right and Ion even want Emani around that shit, Kam and Emani finally going to the same school and I keep having to tell them they need to explore and find new friends but they think having each other is good enough and I respect that, always got family.

   I was chilling in the studio strolling through my instagram feed when I felt a slight tap on my shoulders, "Wassup you don't fuck with me nomore?"  I turned around and just looked at her and rolled my eyes cause I know she came here to stir up drama I haven't seen or spoke to this chick but all of a sudden she bacc around. "Naw cuz ion fucc wit ya, Never did, Never will"

"Oh so we ain't never hook up? You a whole ass switch up Nipsey thats sad" She said latching onto my dick through my pants.

"Aye I got a girl now cuz and I'm not gonna let you cost my family I'll fucc you up if you even try on hood and you know that"

"Oh word? Thats how you get down?" She jerked her head back. "I'm not sweating ya little threat, I know about ya girl but I ain't going no where girlfriend or no girlfriend, Family or not you know what it is" She was just like my baby mama crazy as hell! I don't know what I do to get these females hooked, Only woman I want hooked like this for me is Boogie and she may deny that she been sprung but we know she sprung, But shit I'm sprung for Boog and inlove with her.

She took my hands and tried to rest them on her ass but I pushed her making her almost fall down, She got up trynna fight but at the same time She steady trynna grab on my pants, I ain't know if I should stop her again or just think with my dick. I backed up, I felt like this shit was a test to see if I really loved Boog.  I cant lose her, that's my wife and I'm not boutta let a hoe interfere with my family or well being I done fucked up before.

"Yoo what the fuck is going on here Nip, who the fuck is she?" I turned around and it was my nigga Hoggy with his arms crossed and everything I felt like this nigga saved me.

"Fuck" is All I could say, I was stuck like hell even though I ain't do nothing but that could've been Boog walking in and I know how Boog get she'll been done beat this bitch and me up on hood. "Hoggy one of yall mfs let this bitch in on hood this crazy ass Ari I told yall bout long time ago"

"Holdon Nigga dont fuck with me watch that bitch word" She started getting louder,drawing attention in the room. So now she got the whole allmoneyin crew coming in the studio.

"I know that aint Ari you got in here" J roc did a double look walking in the room. Jroc knew of Ari because he was with me when I took this hoe to my hotel long time ago before I even met Lauren!

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