Part 2

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Clay POV

     It is kind of strange if u think like this. I want to flirt with him for the entire day, but i guess he is just going to sleep. I want to kill myself for liking him, well, not like LIKING him, i... i don't even know what is in my head.

"I want his hugs" i mumbled and then covered my mouth.
"What?" Darryl asked looking at me with a questioning look.
"Nothing, it's just, i talked to Vincent in the morning, and..."
"You kinda like him, don't you?" Darryl asked me looking into my eyes with his brigh emerald green eyes.
"No. Why would I like him? He has this strange accent, and his english sucks" i blushed and looked at the ground.
"You are such a bad liar Clay. I know you very well, u can't lie to me you muffin." he says throwing himself on the couch.
"Y-you got it all wrong. I-it's not like this. It's just... i see him as a friend. And you know that" i got mad at my own words.
"If u say so. I will leave you alone with this littel crush you have on him." he closed his eyes.
"It's not like u have a crush on Zak or anything." he opened his eyes fast and look at me with widened eyes.
"E-Excuse me?"
"Don't play dumb." I said and left the room.

🌠Next day🌠

Vincent POV


"STUPID ALARM. I HATE YOU SO MUCH" i screamed in the pillow and hit my alarm to stop biping.

     My head hurts, I probably shouldn't drink that much. I can't sleep because of him. What did i do last night is my question.

     My phone starts vibrating. With my eyes being closed i answered feeling that soft voice vibrating in my body.

   What the hell does be want now?

"Hi baby~" he teased me.
"Shut up u idiot" i mumbled at him.
"You drank again last night. I helped you with your crying and that is how u repay me?" he said with a sad voice.
"What?" my voice cracked.
"You called me saying you wanted me to talk with you. You cried so hard and told me that between sobs. And I started talking with you random stuff. U calmed down and i heard you snoring softly. Then I ended the call" he explained to me.
"Why the heck did i call you?" i started to be mad at me.
"I don't know." he mumbled laughing softly.
"Why did u call me?" i said yawning slowly.
"I want to see if you are good. You are alright? I think this time you drank a little to much" his voice stat to get worried.
"I think... I think so. It's just that... my head hurts a lot"
"Oh... I need to go. Talk to you later. Bye Vince"
"Bye Clay"

      I ended the call. What the heck was wrong with me? Why did i call him? Why? Am I going to kill my drunk self? Yes. I'm mad at that part of me? No. It is strange but i'm not.
     I'm 30% sure that he didn't tell me all i did last night. Well, that's it, i guess.
I have all my things packed I only need to get that approve for my VISA card. Ohhh and this is the day i'm going to see if they can give it to me. On this thing I'm 100% sure that they are going to give me my VISA. Skeppy and Finn need me with them.

🌠2 hours later🌠

"I HATE EVERYTHING! I'M GOING TO KILL EVERYONE. UGHHH" i screamed entering my room.

    They made me wait for 2 weeks and then declined it. I hate my country so bad, why can't I be with them? Why you stupid Universe? Why are u doing this to me? What did I do wrong? Tell me! Why do you want to keep me stuck in this stupid country. I love my family and my friends from here, but I hate the rest of it. I... Clay... .

    I stopped asking myself questions.

    He was right. He was so damn right, i hate this.

    I couldn't hold my tears much longer. I threw myself on the bed and started sobbing in the pillow.

"Why does life hate me so much? Why?" I ask myself again between sobs.

Eventually i fell asleep.

🌠Some time later🌠

    I was awake. Questioning every second of my life. I hate that Clay has predicted this.

   It was strange. He can't feel my pain, can he? Probably not. He is there, with our friends, happy and smiling. But i'm here, alone and crying.

  I took my phone and called the first number in my list.

   I need to talk to him, i need him so bad, i need him to whisper in my ears and hold me in his arms. But he can't, he can't do anything right now.

"Clay... I called you beca.." i started talking but he interrupted me.
"Shhh... everything is going to be ok Vince. U need to calm down. I know what are you talking about and I'm sorry but i can't help u this time. Instead i want you to know that i'm here and i'm going to be here if u need me. Ok? Now let that cry out of you." he said softly like he didn't want me to break in the middle of his sentences.

  I started tell him about this horrible day, about what i can do.

"I need you here" I mumbled not thinking if he can hear me.
"I would love to be there to comfort you, but I can't, and you know that." he said lightly.
"Y-you wer-ren't meant t-to hear that." my heart started beating fast.
"Well i heard it. Now i have to go. I hope you fell better Vince. See u later baby boy~, hehe i'm sorry. Bye Vince"
"I hate when you so this. But bye." I ended the call.

"Now I need food"


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