Lilly Hawthorne

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Ever had a really deep and meaningful relationship? I haven't. Sure, I went on dates, had a few kiss. Which let me tell you, they sucked big time. I always thought that my first kiss would been amazing and perfect. But no, it was meh. I want a relationship like my parents, they're so in love. I want that kind of love.

"Munchkin, time for breakfast, you don't want to be late for your first day of senior." My sister, Malia told me.

Oh yeah, my sister Malia is two years older than me. Her mother Laura, which was my dad's ex-girlfriend got sick and passed away when she was only a year old. Before dying, she contacted dad and he took a DNA test which came positive. Mom welcomed her with open arms and raised her as her own. Malia loves mom, she knows the truth and she's grateful for taking her in.

"I know, I hope this year I do find love." I said as I hugged her. We're very close.

"Maybe this week I can finally introduce you all to my boyfriend."

"Oh yeah, you've been dating him for 5 months and we still haven't met him."

"I'll bring him home for lunch this Saturday. And I just didn't want to scare him away, I mean dad is intense." She chuckled.

"That he is." I chuckled too. "Well, can't wait to meet the guy that makes my sister happy."

"You will, now let's go eat before we're both late." She said while dragging me to the table, gotta love her.

"Hello family." Aunt Chloe announced while entering the kitchen. she lives with her fiancé two blocks away from here. She graduated last year college and now she owns a bakery which dad bought her. She is doing really good and everyone knows her.

After having breakfast as a family, which is always. We all went our separate ways. I was nervous about this year. Lucky, Mike is with me. He belongs to Jojo. He's in my class.


I went to my locker and put my stuff in there. You know how some high school have your typical mean girls and queen bee? Well we don't have those here; the queen bee is actually nice. Shocker, right?

I only have only two best friends and that's Mike and his boyfriend, Henry. Not because I'm a social outcast, I just prefer quality over quantity. Aside from them, the other people I tell everything is, my aunt Chloe and my sister.

"Senior year, finally the last year and then off to college." Mike said while opening his locker that was next to mine.

"I know, I can't wait to be out of this hell hole." Henry sighed.

"Well, we still have a long way before the year is over." I chuckled as they shook their heads.

"You always ruin our moments." Henry added while closing his locker door.

"What can I say, it's my specialty." I giggled.

"Let's go, Senior year awaits." Mike said as we all look at each other and smiled.

First class I didn't have Mike nor Henry, all by myself. A girl sat next to me and decided to make small talk.

"Hi, I'm Skye."

"I'm Lilly." I smiled. "You're new right?"

"Yeah, I moved here a year ago, with my parents and my big brother. But he is in college so I'm all by myself here."

"Well, you can hang with me and my friends. I know what it is to be alone in school." I told her, she just smiled.

I used to stay by myself, I have a trust issue. When Mike transfer school here I didn't feel alone, and then he met Henry and they've been with me through thick and thin. I used to hang out with with other people, but all they wanted was to used me cause of my dad's money. They were like we forgot our wallets, or your turn to invite and they would order something expensive. I realized that I preferred to be alone than hang out with fake people.

Lunch time came and I introduce Skye to Mike and Henry. They hit it off really well. She gave me a really good vibe; she was a very chirpy person. I normally stay away from girls cause they're dramatic and only care about looks. But she's different I guess I finally found a girl friend.

"Thanks for today guys, I had a very good first day here." She said while hopping on her motorcycle. "See you tomorrow." With that said she left the parking lot.

"You would think she would have a car and not a motorcycle." Henry said as we chuckled.

"Well, first day of Senior Year was a success. no drama." Mike added.

"Yep, and no hot guys, just douches who wants to get in your pants." I rolled my eyes, they just laughed.

"Your prince charming might be closer than you think, and you might meet him soon." Henry added while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Who knows." I said while entering my car, I waved them goodbye and went home.

I have a feeling things are about to get interesting.  

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