Part 27

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Shiv. Anika he look in her eyes and about to attack on her neck when ????

Mummy daddy

Ani. Babies she murmur widening her eyes.

Shiv. Relax relax. Nothing will happens.

Seeti. Mummy daddy what are you doing in pool.  Shame shame puppy shame you are taking bath in clothes.they giggle

Shavi.  Mummy what is this on your lips.

Ani. Where janie she speak abruptly wiping her lips.

Shavi. Mummy did someone bite you.

Ani. Yes baby a big mosquito bite me and you he has blue eyes. She pout looking at shivaay.

Shavi. Like me and daddy

Ani.  Yes baby like you and your daddy

S. That's mean these both are mosquitos. Anika and seerat burst in laughter

Shiv.  Jaan will you stop laughing other wise this big mosquito will bite all over your body and then you know what will happens. He wink.

Anu. Shut up shivaay there are kids she blush.

Shavi. Mummy today we came here to sleep with you. Me and seerat was not getting sleep in room. He pout.

Ani. Oh my baby come today my both babies will sleep with me.

Sweerat and shavi.  Yayayya we are so happy. 

Shiv.  Phal Gaya raita.

S. What happened daddy.

Shiv.  Nothing daddy is feeling cold so that's why.

Ani. Ok come babies we should sleep now.  She held their hands and walked off.

Shiv. My all chance got wasted. It's ok phir kabi sahi.  He ruffle his hair and left for room.

At night

Anika is trying to sleep but babies are not letting her sleep because of continuous legs moving.  She huffed and got up on her feet being irritated.

Shiv. What happened are you ok. ???

Ani. They are not letting me sleep shivaay and I'm hell tired. 

Shiv.  Oh it's ok come here sleep with me.

Ani.  With you. She amazed

Shiv.  Oh common Anika I don't think so there is any awkwardness left after that moment.

Ani. Shivaay ahe blushed

Shiv.  What ???come and sleep. I'm so sleepy.  Anika nodded shyly and lay down beside him keeping her legs on his thighs and head on his chest wrapping arms around him.

Shiv. Thank u for coming in my life Anika.  You know I had wait for it from so long.  I love you. Don't leave me ever. 

Anika look at shivaay and kissed his cheek.

Ani.  I'll not shivaay she comes on top of him and kissed his both cheek.

Shiv.  I wanna do many things but can't do on this small sofa.  So better luck next time.  He wink.

Ani. Shivay she hit his chest and kept her head on his heart.

Shiv.  Good night

Ani. Good night.

In Morning.

Seerat.  Mummy hurry up we are getting late.

Ani. Two minutes babies.

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