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8 years later...

"Mommy! Huhuuu, daddy said I can't go play with Tito Lay's daughter!" Said Frei, our 8 year old son.

Nasa may garden ako ng bahay namin, watering the daisies. I smiled softly as I remembered the day when Woozi and I got married.

My bouquet was a bouquet of daisies, and it was chosen by me. I wanted it to be daisies because they symbolize innocence and purity, and it was also the sacred flower of my namesake, Freya in Norse mythology.

Freya is the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, which made daisies symbolize new beginnings, childbirth and motherhood.

Just seeing the innocent beauty of daisies reminded me of how I fell in love with my now husband Woozi.

We were both innocent when it came to loving someone, but somehow, we managed to work it out no matter what faced us.

"Mommy? Nakikinig ka po ba? I said Daddy won't let me play with Tito Lay's daughter," sabi ni Frei, and I laughed.

"Did you ask him why, Frei?" Tanong ko sa kanya, and he pouted before looking away.

"Because I have a crush on Tito Lay's daughter. I mean, who wouldn't? She's got everything, mum," said Frei, making me smile at him.

"She also got Lay's good sides. I think, Frei, she's someone worth it. Right? The same was as you're worth it because you got your dad's best sides. But everything has good timing set for it," pagpapaliwanag ko naman, and he scoffed before nodding.

"Fine. I'm just gonna play the guitar and write a song about her the same way you and dad did. What was it... Home? Dad let me hear it before. It was great." Said Frei, grinning as he looked up to the skies. "I wish I'd find a woman like you, mum. You put up with dad's grumpiness-"

"Frei! Pumasok ka na, o mahahampas kita ng gitara!" Sigaw ni Woozi galing sa may front door, kaya naman ay sabay kaming napatingin ni Frei sa kanya.

Nang magtama ang paningin namin ay binigyan niya ako ng ngiti, so I returned it back lovingly.

"Ito na nga! Ito na nga, dad! I swear, tatangkaran kita paglaki ko-"


"Freya, why are you laughing? I'm taller than you," sabi ni Woozi, and I raised a brow at him.

"Dad, don't reason out. Mum's perfect that way. She's still gorgeous, too. You're still gonna love  each other until you grow old, right?" Asked Frei, and both Woozi and I smiled at each other.

"Of course," we both said.

"Okay, fine. I'm going to school." Said Frei, at saka inihatid na siya ni Woozi.

I smiled, looking down at my fingers.

We may have lost our angel years ago, but now we have been gifted yet another one. But this time, Frei stayed with us.

We built a home, and we swore, I swore, we're never gonna let anyone destroy it again. We're never gonna let anyone wreck our home.

Hinding hindi namin ipaparanas kay Frei ang kung paanong mabuhay na walang matinong pamilya ang nagpalaki sa iyo.

I'm gonna love you both until my last breath.

Because you're my home, Woozi, Frei.

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