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The holidays can be filled with joy; however, they can also be difficult to navigate. Traveling, chaotic gatherings, family, and lack of routine can all cause stress. I thought I'd take a quick moment to share a few tips and tricks that I use to improve my self-care during the holiday season. 

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SLEEP - Getting enough sleep is something I struggle with on a regular basis. My mind is constantly going and calming it down enough to drift off is difficult. However, I have found that doing the following really helps me fall asleep. Putting my phone down, closing my eyes and taking twenty deep breaths, and making a mental list of three things that made me happy during the day. 

SPA AT HOME - I love treating myself to some much needed spa at home time! The important thing is, it doesn't have to be fancy or cost a lot of money! Here are some of my favorite low-cost spa at home ideas: Taking a hot bath/shower, making your own face mask (there are loads of easy DIY face mask ideas online), going for a fifteen minute walk, drinking your favorite beverage and curling up with a book, and playing relaxing music while giving yourself a pedicure. 

BREATHING - It might sound silly, but remembering to be mindful about your breath is so important! When I'm aware of my breathing, I find it helps me focus better and remain more calm throughout the day, especially during the holidays. You can start by taking twenty deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. 

SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS - Hanging out with your favorite people is simply the best! I find that during the holidays and throughout the year, that my stress tends to melt away when I spend time with my friends. If you're anything like me, your time together may be spent walking down a mountain trail, talking on the phone, or DMing while watching the same movie at your respective houses. Taking time to laugh, cry, and share your life with a goof friend is priceless. 

SAYING NO - Overcommitting yourself, especially during the holidays, can be extremely stressful. Even if you're exhausted, telling your friends that you want to stay in and binge your favorite show on Netflix can be difficult. Just remember, your self-care is important. Skipping one night out, a lunch, or even a catch-up phone call, won't be the end of the world! Honor yourself and remember, telling someone, "No, thank you," is perfectly acceptable! 

TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL - Reaching out to professional to help you maintain your self-care and overall wellbeing is another great option! If you'd like to speak with a licensed counselor, Wattpad is giving users a free one-week trial to Better Help, which offers online therapy. Enter this link into your browser and follow the prompts:

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