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Hi everyone!

UPDATE: APRIL 30th, 2020: The first 20 chapters of this book are completely free here on Wattpad for your enjoyment. If you wish to continue the story, you may do so by heading over to Radish Fiction where you will find the remaining 70 chapters + SEQUEL. I've outlined how to do so below! You guys can find free coupons for my story in the ABOUT ME section of my profile and can unlock chapters FOR FREE if you do not wish to pay!

This wasn't an easy decision for me to make and so I am incredibly grateful to you all for your support.

There are 3 ways to download the Radish Fiction app:

1. Click the link at the top of my profile, or

2. Enter  in your mobile device's browser, or

3. Click the 'external link' button below.

If you use any of the links, you will receive some special Radish coupons* to unlock more chapters for free!

*You may use coupons to unlock episodes in replace of coins. Each coupon is equivalent to one unlocked episode.

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