Wesley Imagine: "I promised you I would be back"

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For DiamondVale 

There was a knock at you're bedroom door, you quickly got up from your bed to answer it. It was your boyfriend, Wesley. When you saw him you remembered that this was the day you had been dreading. The day your boyfriend would go on tour with his band, Emblem 3. He was going to be on tour for 6 months, 6!! Wesley must have noticed the sad expression you had on your face because he said,"Whats wrong?" "Nothing, babe.", You said and gave him a fake smile. "Okay..", Wesley said unsure whether to believe you or not. "Babe, you know I'm going on tour and I have to go right now, but I promise I'll always text you, call you, and skype you", Wesley said as he reached to hug you. When he hugged you, you couldn't hold in anymore. You started to cry. "Babe, I promise you I'll be back", Wesley said before pulling you into a passionate kiss. *Beep Beep* "The guys are waiting for me, Paisley, bye.", Welsey said, kissed you one last time, and left. 

*On skype*

"Hey babe!"

"Hey, Paisley!" 

"Well, someone looks handsome tonight, where you going?"

"Oh, there is some party we have to go to tonight."

"Oh, lucky. I'm stuck at home doing homework."

"Babe, you don't know how much I would rather be there helping you do your homework than getting ready for some party."

"Awww, Wesley! Soon, though. Just one more week and you can help me."

"I gotta go, love you Paisley."

-1 week Later-

*At the airport*

 "Wesley!" You said as you ran up to Wesley and hugged him. 

"I promised you I would be back." Wesley said before giving you a quick kiss. 

You guys got into the car and you said,"I love you. "

"I love you too", Wesley responded and kissed you passionately again. 

-I'm sorry if this kinda sucks, I'm really sorry I took so long. And you know, just some picture of Wesley shirtless there...-

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