Strange Land Pt. 2 (Tuffnut X Reader)

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I had most requests to make this a Tuffnut one shot, so here it is!



It had been a few weeks since your life was changed in the strangest way possible. You'd already known the riders so well just from watching the shows/movies in the real world, but now you got to see behind the scenes of everything. You got to know the others better than you'd imagined ever possible.

Although, you kept talk of your realm-travelling on the low, not wanting to freak your new friends out too much. You simply enjoyed your new life with them. But things were getting more serious now. Hiccup had just returned to the Edge after a lone recon mission with Toothless.

You were outside working on building you own hut with the twins when you heard the night fury land behind you. You turned around to meet a very serious looking Hiccup. "We need to talk," he urged.

You knew exactly what this was about. So you dropped your tools and climbed up onto Toothless with Hiccup. You had yet to find the right dragon for yourself, but you'd flown a few times with the other riders.

Once you and Hiccup were alone in the club house, he turned to you. "You know what this is about, don't you?" He asked knowingly. You nodded slowly. "Then I need to know something," he went on heavily, "can you tell me what happened today? Where I went?"

You took a deep breath and spoke, " went out alone to look for Viggo. But Toothless was shot with a dragon root arrow...and you met an unlikely new friend."

Hiccup began to pace slightly. "And you knew this," he went on, sounding in complete disbelief, "you knew that Dagur was going to change, right down to the second it happened."

"What are you saying?" You asked a bit nervously.

Hiccup stopped pacing and met your eyes. "I'm saying, that I think I can finally believe this, alternate realm really are from another world..." He answered. He sighed heavily and turned away as if it were too much to handle. Then, he asked you, "what should I do? Should I tell the others?"

You thought back to the show you watched in the real world. Hiccup had never told his friends about Dagur, not until he had to. And you finally began to see your reason for being there: you could help the riders make smarter decisions. You could change their story for the better. And so, you answered carefully.

"In the story I know, you tell no one...and it comes back to haunt you," you spoke truthfully. "...I think you should tell them."

• • •

It was that night when everything began to feel all too real. The dragon riders had called for a full meeting where Hiccup told everyone about the Dagur incident. But you had left early, slipped away before anyone could see. Or so you thought.

Not long after you settled down on a high platform outside of your new hut, you heard small scratchy footsteps behind you. You couldn't help but smile as you recognized them as Chicken's. Which meant that Tuffnut wasn't far behind. As Chicken came up on you left side, Tuffnut sat beside you. You picked up Chicken and held her in your lap, petting her head gently.

"Hey, you left before dinner," he began, a hint of concern in his voice.

"I just needed some time to think," you sighed.

You heard Tuff fidget quietly beside you. Then, he asked in an uncharacteristically shy tone, " wanna talk about it? With me and Chicken?"

Unable to hold back your smile, you gave him a grateful look. His eyes shone a deeper blue in the light of the rising moon. "I know none of you really know what to believe about me," you began, "but my story is true. But the problem is: I know everything that's going to happen now. I just don't know if I'm supposed to let it happen or try to change it."

Chicken cooed softly in your lap, as if to try an comfort you as you continued, "I never felt like I belonged in the world I came from. But here, I feel like I've found the family I never had."

Then, Tuffnut spoke again. "Well..maybe you should just stop worrying," he told her encouragingly, "I mean, it all sounds so confusing to think about; probably stressful, too."

You looked up at the Viking beside you. It still made you gawk from time to time; you were in a land of dragons and Vikings. "Maybe instead of trying to figure out how you're supposed to live," he went on in a kind voice, ""

A smile spread across your face. "You think that's the answer?" You asked him hopefully.

"Well, you said like you never felt like you belonged in your other world," he went on, "maybe this is where you're supposed to be. Maybe your 'Next Fit' was just showing you what our world is without you."

You laughed abruptly. "It's 'Netflix'," you corrected him, punching his shoulder playfully, "but close." You were beginning to feel better already.

Then, Tuffnut asked another question. "Hey, what happens in the end of 'Netflix' anyway?"

You found it amusing how the others had taken it upon themselves to call all of the How to Train Your Dragon movies and shows 'Netflix' now. But you frowned as you answered Tuff gravely, "..the dragons leave."

There was no hiding the alarm on Tuff's face, but he did his best to stay positive. "Then maybe that's why you're here," he encouraged happily, "to make sure that doesn't happen."

Your face softened; you hadn't thought about it that way. For someone as spontaneous as Tuffnut, he was surprisingly good at cheering you up. "In that case," you sighed, "that's what I'll do. Thank you." You took one of his hands into yours to emphasize your gratitude.

At this, Tuff adverted his gaze. "You're welcome," he mumbled shyly.

You giggled lightly and scooted closer to the handsome Viking. A little over a month ago, you never would've though that you could fall for a Viking. Yet here you were, cozying up to Tuffnut Thorston. And he was real, it was all real. "Maybe I'm also here to bring a special light into a certain Viking's life, too, hm?" You asked him knowingly.

"W-what? Oh.." Tuffnut stuttered, but smiled down at you nonetheless. He removed his hand from yours and wrapped his arm around your back. Finally seeming to regain his confidence, he chuckled, "yeah, that sounds about right."

You laughed lightly before giving his cheek a kiss, igniting his face with red. You then leaned into his side and sighed with contentment. Tuffnut was right: you had a chance to give your favorite story a happier ending. And you were going to take it.

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