Chapter 57

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Jace and I walked towards the weapon room like we always did before we went out for a mission. Somehow, I had a bad feeling, feeling that something was going to happen and I wouldn't like it. I mean, a lot of things happen in the Shadow world that I don't like. Innocent people die here and for what reason?

"Get this on." Jace said suddenly, letting me escape from my dark thoughts. He handed me over something that awfully looked like a armour. I laughed whilst looking at it. I mean was he serious? It wasn't like I was going on a battlefield with him.

"Are you serious?" I asked and I was annoyed, and he knew that. He just couldn't care less about it. Sometimes, I really felt like he did it on purpose just to get on my nerves. I mean which brother or sibling wouldn't do this?

It is their duty to annoy their smallest sibling which in case was me here. If Jonathan would have been normal or less crazy, we could have done all of this together. As siblings together we would have put an end to our father but sadly, he was under the influence of Valentine...

Like Jace said, nothing would help him anymore. He made up his mind along with that, he made his own destiny clear to a lot of people, including the clave. He was a hazard to many people...

"What?" He asked as if he had no idea what was going on which made me sigh out of annoyance. I frowned at him and put my hands on my hips as I kept staring at my big brother who looked like was enjoying every little second of this situation.

"Really? A armour?" I asked and Jace smiled. He knew it. Devil.

"You have to be protected, Clary." He said. I saw some shadowhunters taking some weapons and they exchanged smiles to one another when they saw me. They were probably laughing about how ridiculous this was.

"Hell no, I am not doing this." I said and I saw Jace giving me a look. A look that he made me show whenever I did not listen to him. Well... I saw that look many times.

"Please, I will be fine and I will listen. Just don't make me wear a armour." I said and Jace just nodded as he laughed. He just wanted to make me look stupid in front of the others. He handed me over some small knives and a seraph blade.

"You got this?" He asked and I just nodded. He took a bit more than me which looked like a awful lot of small knives but I was sure that stabbing wasn't the only thing that these knives could do.

"You do know that this is the wrong place to play the rile of a overprotective brother?" I said and Jace just gave me smirk. I rolled my eyes and we made sure that all of our weapons were still on us and then made our way out of the weapon room.

"Where did you find a lead on Agramon?" I asked when we were walking out of the institute. No one had heard from him for weeks and now suddenly getting a lead looked so easy. I mean, it was as if he wanted to be found or wanted people to know that he was in that particular place.

"By your old apartment." He said and I frowned. What the hell?

"What? But why would he be there?" I asked confused and Jace just shrugged his shoulders. I could see that he was concerned and somehow I felt like he wasn't telling me the whole story but I also knew that forcing it out of him wouldn't be a good idea because whatever I would say, he wouldn't tell me.

I learned that from Alec. We were parabatai and gosh, he was my boyfriend but he was still lying to me, knowing that I would be able to know because of our bond. He just didn't care or he was just stupid enough to think that he had everything under control.

"I don't know. That's what we will be finding out today." He said and I just nodded my head. We walked a mile before taking bus towards my old apartment in Brooklyn.

It was crazy to see how all of this used to be a part of my life. A life that I hated. I felt incomplete and somehow being in this weird but chaotic situation or let's say world did feel like home. The Shadow World felt like home and it made me feel complete. The dark and never ending hole in my heart was filled by all of it. Suddenly everything in my life made much more sense.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked. I just shrugged.

"Nothing." I said. Everyone was looking at us and I knew that some of them knew me.

"Clary, you know that you can always talk to me." Jace said and I smiled.

"I know." I replied.

"Why aren't we glamouring ourselves?" I asked and Jace looked up to a man that was rightly staring at us.

"Because we don't want to draw attention to ourselves." He said and I chuckled.

"Aren't we doing that now anyway?" I asked and Jace shook his head.

"Not to demons. If we glamour ourselves, the demons can see through that and as curious creatures they are, they will follow us which will make it harder for us to get where we want to go." Jace said and I nodded.

Well, that made sense to me.

"We have to get off here." I said and Jace just followed me as I got off. When I stood out of the bus and inhaled the fresh air, I looked out right to the park where I always would go whenever I felt alone.

"Where is your apartment?" He asked. I wanted to walk that way but immediately stopped myself when I saw some people from my high school.

"Can we please turn around and go away?" I asked quickly and I saw how confused Jace was.

I wasn't ashamed from Jace at all but the girls that were there had always bullied me. They made me feel like I did not belong here at all... They literally made my life a living hell at school when school was supposed to be a escape for me.

"What? Why?" Jace asked confused.

"Clary!" I heard one of the girl shout. When I turned myself around and faced one of the most biggest bitches in my school. Why did I not just use the glamour rune?

"Oh, it is really you." Abby said, the mean girl. I saw that Jace was a bit confused but he did not really say something.

"Yeah." I answered. Abby looked at me from top to toe and then laughed.

"So you drop out from school and get some tattoos? Do you also get high and drunk every day?" She asked and the other two girls who were with her just laughed.

"You must be really jealous of her." Jace said as he looked over at Abby. I closed my eyes, praying to god that he would just close his mouth and say nothing because everything that he would say, Abby would make fun of it.

"And who are you?" Abby asked rather interested. I saw which look she gave to Jace. She was already into him. I didn't blame her. My brother was handsome.

"Jace. Clary's brother." He said and I felt like I wanted to die, right here and now. Abby laughed and scoffed.

"What? That's impossible. She doesn't have family." Abby said and now she looked over at me.

"Well, she has. You know these tattoos and all look amazing on her. She always has and because you are so insecure, you felt the need to bring her down, hoping that it would make you feel better but it didn't. It just made you feel worse." Jace said and it looked like he did get to her.

"If you don't mind. My sister and I are going to get drunk or high." He said and grabbed me by my arm. He pulled me with him and I looked just once at Abby who was looking defeated at the ground.

"I never knew that mundanes could be so cruel." He said and I let out a deep breath.

"I am happy you never came across one." I said and looked at him.

"Thank you." I said and Jace smiled.

"Always, little sister." He said and I smiled.

Whatever it was, Jace was my guardian angel.

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