part 22

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Once we woke up, Well the twins woke me up I got them ready becauae my kids were turning  three and I honestly wanted to cry so badly.They were suppose to stay two forever. Ember was wearing a black,gray,and pink shirt with her black leggins and gray scarf and to top it off a headband. Ian was wearing a beige blazer and jeans with a white polo undershirt.

After they were done eating thier french toast I got them dressed and took a thoundsand pictures of them. Once I was finished I sat them down and put on spongebob and went to get dressed.I was wearing a striped blue and cream sweater with some black jeggings and my brown uggs. To top it off I did a ponytail with a bow and a blue and cream bag. With my smokey eye makeup and my babylips. Once I was done I got extra clothes for the twins and I brang pull ups. Once we got in the we drove to the party.

(Next part is the party)

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