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Hello! I'm back. I'm finally free from exams so I decided to finish up this chapter, it hasn't been edited though, so I'm sorry for any errors. Thanks for the comments— it makes me happy that at least someone reads little book.
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Sniffling, Nico opened his eyes, making out a familiar face.

Nico squinted, wanting to murder the bright lights. Just waking up and having thoughts of murder, oh, that wasn't good. "Will?"

"Oh thank the gods!" Nico cringed at the mention of the gods but he quickly untensed, feeling cool hands on his face. "Good no fever anymore..." Will trailed off, biting his lip like he always did when he was nervous. Nico gulped at the little space between them.

Nico refused to look Will in the eye, staring at the white sheets instead. Will stepped away from the bed as Nico's eyes adjusted to the light. Something felt off and Nico couldn't pinpoint it.

That's when Nico realized.

Will Solace was crying.

"Will?!" Nico had no idea what to do as he watched Will sob, covering his face in his hands, leaning against the doorframe. It made Nico's heart twist and he almost stood up to hug the son of Apollo. Almost.

"I'm sorry Nico. It's just– its– I was so terrified. I lost it. When I saw you collapse, and then you wouldn't wake up, I was frozen. The thought that you might die, it killed me." Will wiped his face, turning to face Nico. "That was stupid, huh?"

Nico clenched his hands into fists, a strange feeling of anger filling him. He couldn't describe the emotion fully but seeing Will cry so easily in front of him, it made him angry, confused, and miserable.

"Yeah it was stupid."

Will smiled, despite the obvious tears welling up in his eyes, despite everything. Will was always smiling and now Nico could only wonder how many fake smiles the blonde had shone with. "I told you Ni–"

"Don't ever cry for somebody like me."

"Hmm?" Will met Nico's stone cold eyes. Nico hated that sight; Will crying. Nico never wanted to see it again. That's what it was– not anger, just hate. A hate for the way somebody like Nico- useless like him -had made Will cry. It was an old hate; a hate that had always been there. It had been dozing off but now it awoke, consuming Nico's mind.

"Only cry for people that matter. Don't waste your tears, your sadness, your empathy, on someone who doesn't deserve it." Nico forced his body to move, despite all his instincts screaming to freeze. They snarled, saying he shouldn't get close, that this boy would only hurt him more. Stubborn as always, Nico ignored them; he slid out of the bed, softly walking to Will.

Will was too good. Nico wasn't. He was a monster- the incident with Octavian was solid proof.

The cold of the tile floor seeped through Nico's bare feet like water, but Nico already felt cold.

If somebody had told him a month ago, he would be hugging Will Solace, Nico would have scowled and laughed bitterly, telling them to mind their own dam business.

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